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#BBBFashionFix: Juliette Foxx

#BBBFashionFix: Juliette Foxx

Juliette Fox:Trendy, Edgy & Casual but Make it Fashion

Our very first style/fashion feature goes to the stunning Juliette Foxx alias @romeosfashionfix

a UK based bilingual freelance content creator/graphic designer and social media influencer with a background in fashion design. Her background in fashion design shines through all of her posts and outfit choices where her keen attention to detail is always evident.

From print on print to statement bags and carefully put together looks, Juliette is not your average fashion influencer.

Here’s are some of our favorite looks from this Black Beauty Bombshell.


1) Newspaper Print Blazer




neswpaper print blazer



2) Serving Mechanic Realness in Overalls



3) Floral Dress Goodness ft Statement Belt


4) Fall Vibes in This Floral Dress & Corset



5) Fall Hues in This Vintage Blazer



6) Slytherin House in This Snake Print Fit


7) Pink Plaid Skirt Suit



9) All White Everything


10) Neon Orange Pants Suit Glam



Juliette is set to launch her own label/brand FOXTHELABEL keep an eye out for that to grab one of her statement pieces.


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