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How I got 100,000 Blog Page Views Using Pinterest in 5 Months

Pinterest is one of the most underutilized marketing channels and the easiest to get conversions on.

If  you’re a Blogger, Brand or Business Owner who’s not using Pinterest, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Starting and growing a blog is no easy task. From all the jargon everyone constantly throws around to the costs involved, it can all get overwhelming really fast.

However, if you’re looking for the right information in the right places, you’ll discover that you can start a blog with only $10 and drive thousands of people to your blog for free.

I started this blog in late June last year. I didn’t put up my first blog post until August the 1st.

During this time, I was fully occupied with offering Pinterest Marketing and Management services to different clients hence my focus wasn’t on my blog.

I would log in from time to time, post some images and link them back to whichever blog post I’d written at the time. This continued until December which is when I hit 10,000 page views. 

It was also around this time that I discovered Mediavine and read about how other bloggers were making thousands of dollars with their blogs.

From affiliate marketing to brand collaborations and even selling digital products, the number of ways through which one could make money from  blogging were endless. 

Throughout the 6 months that my blog had been live, my Pinterest account was getting millions of monthly views and engagement.

The only downside to this is that I didn’t have enough content that was linked back to my blog.

This is something that I’ve noticed with a lot of people who are using Pinterest to market their Blogs & Businesses.

This is also why a lot of people get few to no conversions and is tied to one of the Pinterest strategies you should no longer follow.

In January, I sat down and did an in depth audit on both my blog and my Pinterest account.

I dived deep into my Pinterest analytics and my Google analytics and figured out the changes I needed to make to drive more traffic to my blog.

I put Mediavine on my vision board and made it a key goal to get into Mediavine before Q2 was over.

Pinterest & Google Analytics Audit

In Pinterest analytics, I started by filtering impressions and views from pins that I had originally saved/were attributed to my blog.

I then went into my boards section and noted down what my top boards were and the impressions, saves and link clicks rates. 

Note: Your boards are made up of original content plus repinned content. If you follow this tip, filter further and account for only original pins.

Luckily for me, most of my pins were originally pinned by me. I’m one of the Pinterest Marketers who’ll encourage you to focus on original content and only repin when it’s necessary and strategically.

After narrowing down the type of content I needed to pin more of I went to Google analytics and did the same. I noted down the pins that were  bringing me traffic and my top 10 posts.

I did the same on Google Search Console since I wanted my strategy to incorporate both Pinterest traffic and SEO traffic.

If you aren’t aware, Pinterest and SEO work in a synergistic way. 

Think of it this way, you publish a new blog post and link it on Pinterest. Over time, a lot of people start saving the pin and clicking to go to your blog.

As more people spend time on your blog reading the post, the Google algorithm notices that this is a post that people are loving and they’re finding it useful. The Google algorithm then starts ranking your posts higher.

Pinterest Search Engine Optimization tip

Let me let you in on a good tip you probably don’t know about. For most keywords, 1 to 2 out of every Google first page results are results from Pinterest.

In fact, when used properly, this hack plus a good Pinterest strategy will have you ranking in 3 places for free. 

Search results 

Image results 

Google first page Pinterest results 

Pinterest strategies that got me to 100,000 page views

After 5 months of crafting and implementing a solid strategy, I hit 100,000 page views. I applied to join Mediavine and got accepted the following month.

1) Pinning consistently

I know you’ve heard this a million times already. This is one of the simplest Pinterest strategy and the one people rarely stick to.

It’s simple, the Pinterest algorithm loves consistency. Pin at least 15 pins every day and watch your traffic grow.

2) Adding a link to my pins

This is easy to forget, especially when you’re focusing on writing the perfect title and description.

If you’re barely getting any link clicks then you’re either:

I) Not linking to relevant content.


Ii) You’re not linking back to your blog posts.

You can create different images for the same content and link all of it back to the same blog post. Pinterest does not penalize this, as long as the images/graphics are different aka fresh content.

3) Utilizing video pins

Video pins are the most underutilized types of pins on Pinterest and the easiest to get conversions on.

I love video pins. I’ve gotten such great conversions from them I dedicated a whole section to video pins in my Pinterest E-book.

Pinterest lets you target specific keywords on video pins. This alone can be a goldmine for traffic if you do it correctly.

4) Pinterest Search Engine optimization

Pinterest works like a Search Engine. If you’re not optimizing your pins for search, you’re missing out on a lot of free traffic. 

Remember what I said about Google showing Pinterest results on the first page? A properly optimized pin will have you ranking at the top on both Google and Pinterest.

5) Keyword optimization

This is another thing that I don’t usually see people doing correctly.

Let’s say I have an article on a delicious banana bread recipe. Between these two titles which one do you think will get more clicks?

  1. Delicious banana bread recipe
  2. 20 minute gluten free banana bread recipe 

The latter is more optimized and specific. If you’re targeting a specific type of audience ensure that they can find you easily.

6) Pinning original content

Repins are great, and while they act as a double edged sword, they send traffic to the original pinner’s content and not yours.

If you don’t pin enough original content that’s linked back to what you want to drive traffic back to, your conversions will remain low.

Pinterest makes for up to 75% of the traffic on my site. This is easily achievable if you follow the right strategy.

Struggling with growing your blog traffic or getting conversions on Pinterest? Pin your Way to Conversions is a comprehensive Pinterest Growth & Marketing E-book that teaches you how to fast track your growth and conversion process to a destination off Pinterest.

From E-commerce stores, Affiliate links, Email lists to Blogs and Businesses, I cover in depth strategies and marketing tips that will help you take the guesswork out of what works and what doesn’t work on Pinterest. Click the image below to get 15% off or use the code discount at checkout.

Pinterest Marketing blueprint

In total, I did 200,000 blog views in my first year blogging. A lot of this traffic was free(non of it is paid) and came from Pinterest.

Got Mediavine as one of your key goals for you blog this year? Here’s How to Master Pinterest Marketing in 2021.

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Monday 13th of July 2020

[…] Pinterest is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to a blog, old or new. In fact in just 5 months, I grew my first blog to over 100,000 page views using Pinterest. […]

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