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How to Get 1 Million Views on Pinterest in 2023

Scale to 1,000,000 in Less Than a Year

Unlike most of your favorite Social Media platforms, Pinterest works like a Search Engine- A Visual Search Engine. Just like with any Search Engine, observing key Search Engine Optimization practices will make a world of difference.

When I first created the Black Beauty Bombshells account, I saved images to it without using keywords. A whole month went past before I was able to even break past the 1,000 views mark. At the time, I had no blog, neither did I know what I wanted to do with the numbers. On the second month, I decided to switch my strategy and my numbers shot up to 300,000 using only ORIGINAL content.

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Pinterest Strategies That Will Take you to 1 million Views

how to get 1 million view on Pinterest in 2022

Let’s get into why you’re here.

Unlike it was in the past, re-pins are no longer a reliable or recommended strategy. the 2023 Pinterest algorithm frowns on re-pins and priorities fresh content.

You can of course save pins you like/think your audience will enjoy, but DO NOT use this as a growth strategy.

So which exact methods should you follow to get your first million views on Pinterest?

1) Pin consistently

The Pinterest algorithm loves consistency. The more consistent you are, the higher your chances of ranking and growing fast.

2) Create eye catchy pin graphics

Create beautiful, eye catchy and optimized pin graphics. Read that again. Your Pin graphics should capture the attention of the reader, include a keyword and at least a CTA. A properly optimized pin graphics tells the viewer what they’re getting before clicking and why they should click. Did you do a round up of 15 Easy & Healthy Winter Soup Recipes that they’ll enjoy? Tell them.

If you struggle with this, grab these 40 high converting customisable Canva Pinterest templates at only $10.

3) Add a destination link

Always include a link back to your blog or website. The goal here is to drive people back to your website, so ensure that you include a link in every pin you post.

4) Search engine optimise your content

-Write a description for your pin. Writing a description for your pin let’s the Pinterest Search Engine know what your pin is about and how it should rank it.

-Write a title for your pin. A title let’s people know what your pin is about when it appears on their feed.

-Use hashtags. You’re probably tired of hearing about hashtags but they matter on Pinterest too. While I wouldn’t say that it is important to use hashtags on every pin, hashtags definitely boost your chances of ranking on Pinterest.

5) Avoid black hat methods

Avoid black hat methods by all means. I get it, it’s tempting to want to take the easy way out. Just like with every Search Engine, SEO is a long and ever changing game.

Using black hat methods will only get your account banned.

6) Use video pins

Utilize video pins. Video marketing is set to be a huge marketing trend in 2022. Only video platforms like Tiktok becoming increasingly popular is proof of this.

A video pin on Pinterest auto plays and allows the user to engage with the content in a better way. Pinterest also allows you to pick out different exact keyword tags to include in your video pin.

This makes video pins one of the easiest ways to rank for a hashtag, get targeted traffic, increased engagement and boost your chances of getting conversions on Pinterest.

7) Use idea pins

Idea pins, formerly story pins are the story feature on Pinterest similar to Instagram but with way more perks. Read more……

Pinterest started putting a heavy push on idea pins in 2021 and they’re doing the same in 2022.

A typical idea pin gets seen by more people in minutes compared to static pins.

This is of course dependent on different things like keywords used and the type of content posted.

However, idea pins as a whole are being given top priority by the Pinterest algorithm right now making them an easy way to grow your traffic & get conversions.

Looking for true, tried and tested Pinterest Marketing strategies that will fast track your growth and conversion process on Pinterest? Grab the Pin your Way to Conversions Pinterest E-book.

If you follow all these tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to 1 million views on Pinterest. To sum it all up:

  1. Search engine optimize you Pinterest page and pins.
  2. Stay consistent.
  3. Pin fresh content.
  4. Patience is key. Your numbers will fluctuate from time to time but keep pinning.
  5. Pin high quality content. High quality content equals high quality traffic.
  6. The search bar is a great asset.
  7. Don’t spam. Triggering the Pinterest spam detectors will get your account suspended.

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Saturday 25th of January 2020

Great insight on Pi treat algorithms. Will put some of your ideas to use. Thanks!!

Editorial Team

Monday 27th of January 2020

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