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My journey with Pinterest began in  2018. I started off with a personal account which I’d occasionally save images to, completely oblivious of the potential for traffic and growth that Pinterest held. After a while, I switched to a business account and was able to scale the page to 300,000 plus views using only original content in 4 months.

Over the course of the next 6 months I learnt the ins and outs of the ever changing Pinterest algorithm and Search Engine Optimization as a whole. From the little things like how the size of your image could affect how a Pin performs to the big things like how the right title, descriptions, keywords & hashtags could mean a viral Pin or 5 back to back.

Since then, I have scaled my  Pinterest accounts  to a reach combined audience of 5,000,000. The websites that I created to drive the traffic back to, have reached 50,000 plus people so far and they’re growing everyday.These are numbers that you’d have to spend $1000’s of dollars on to get which I’m getting for FREE.

Services I Offer:

Pinterest Management & Marketing

I believe your skills are only as good as how well you’re able to replicate similar or better results on different accounts across different niches. I have worked with many amazing clients on their Pinterest accounts and ensured that they’re not only getting insane traffic but also successfully converting it to blog views/sales.

One client that needed an account setup plus management & marketing grew from 0 to 500,000 plus in only 3 months

Pinterest account growth graph statistics

Another client had an increase of 50,000 daily account impressions all of which can be leveraged to blog view/sales

Another client grew from 0 views to 300,000 plus in less than 4 weeks!

pinterest growth data 0 to 300,000

Pinterest Management & Marketing Packages

A well optimized Pinterest account can have you moving from 0 sales and blog views to getting thousands of clicks and making $1000’s of dollars in revenue with ZERO ad-spend. My Pinterest Management and Marketing services feature the best methods and strategies guaranteed to give you results. I will work side by side with you to drive traffic, increase growth and maximize profitability. You deserve value for your money.

$320 Package: Standard Package

1) Initial consultation to determine your goals with Pinterest.
2) Account/brand evaluation and strategy creation – We’ll look into what you’re struggling with and come up with solutions.
3) Create 15 clickable and optimized Pin graphics.
4) Join and post to group boards in your niche.
5) Post to tailwind tribes in your niche (if you would like for me to use tailwind).
6) Search engine optimization for both Pinterest and Google.
7) Account clean up/create branded board graphics/optimize your boards and profile.
8) A keen interest on traffic/view to click conversion to drive people back to your blog/website.

9) Post 200 Pins per month.

10) A monthly account report.

$550 Package: Gold Package

1) Initial consultation to determine where you currently are and your future goals with Pinterest.
2) Maximize your current organic traffic and increase your advertising revenue.
3) Create 25 optimized blog and pin graphics.
4) Join and post to group boards in your niche.
5) Post to tailwind tribes in your niche (if you would like for me to use tailwind).
6) Search engine optimization for both Pinterest and Google.
7) Account cleanup and audit to maximize growth.
8) Create branded board graphics for your Pins.

9) Post 450 pins per month.

10) A monthly account report.

$900 Package: VIP/Corporate Package

1) Initial 1 hour consultation to track your Pinterest Journey and determine your goals.
2) Full account clean up and audit to determine what’s working and what isn’t.
3) Create 30 clickable and optimized product pins.
4) Step by step brand strategy creation to maximize growth and ad revenue.
5) Post to tailwind tribes in your niche (if you would like for me to use tailwind).
6) Search engine optimization for both Pinterest and Google.
7) Pinterest Ad management – Targeting strategy, Best Ad creative strategy, Best Bid Strategy.
8) Brand and account analysis to assess market position, product line and competition.

9) Post 800 pins per month.

10) A bi-weekly account progress report.

Pinterest Account Set up: $200

Pinterest working as a Search Engine means that it is crucial to have the correct account set up from the get go. The full set up includes:

1) Profile and description Search Engine Optimization.

2) Board Keyword optimization.

3) Creating 5 Search Engine Optimized boards and descriptions.

4) Creating cover graphics for the 5 boards.

5) Claiming your website and other accounts on Pinterest.

6) A full account  strategy creation to help you get the most out of Pinterest.

Pinterest Audit & Strategy Creation: $150

Have you been trying to grow your blog/drive sales with Pinterest unsuccessfully? Well this is for you.

Audit includes:

  • Personalized tips that can take your Pinterest to the next level.
  • Tips on how you can improve your Pinterest strategy to see Pinterest growth.
  • Tips on how you can get more clicks through to your blog/website.
  • 30 minute consultation to address any other issues you may have with Pinterest.

                            LET’S GET YOUR BRAND BEFORE THE RIGHT EYES!

In Depth Ultimate Pinterest Growth Guide – $50

An In depth, step by step Pinterest growth and marketing guide detailing everything you need to know about how to create, build, grow and most importantly PROFITABLY scale your Pinterest presence.

In the course you’ll find;

1) How I scaled my first Pinterest account to 3,000,000 plus Pinterest viewers in less than a year,scaled my second Pinterest account to 700,000 in less than 2 months and reached 25,000 people plus in less than 4 months of creating a blog.

2) What works on Pinterest and what doesn’t.

3) How to drive free, unlimited traffic to your blog or website with ZERO ad-spend.

4) Techniques to get a high click through rate and make sales.

You also get an add-on that teaches you all about Adsense and getting your website monetized, Pinterest Suspension solutions in case your account is mistakenly suspended- yes that does happen. A lot. And last but not least a list of WordPress plugins that will make blogging easier for you.

Purchasing the course further makes you eligible for future course updates.

Are you ready to level up your Pinterest and blogging game?

buy now pinterest course

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