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15 Easy Kids Natural Hairstyles

15 Easy and Quick Kids Natural Hairstyles

Natural hair, whether long or short, has always had the upside of offering limitless styling options. From buns, puffs, sleeked back ponytails, carefree afros, 2 and 3 strand twists to conrows.

If your child is tender headed or can’t stay still long enough to get their hair braided, working with their natural hair might be an easier option. We did a round up of 15 easy kids natural hairstyles you’ll love on your little ones.

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1) 2 Strand Twists

2 strand twists kids natural hairstyle

2) Mohawk

braided mohawk kids natural hairstyle

3) 2 Puffs with Bows

easy kids natural hairstyles

4) Sleeked High Bun

sleeked high bun kids hairstyle

5) High Puff

high puff kids natural hairstyle

6) Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

half up half down kids hairstyle

7) 3 Parted High Buns

3 parted buns kids hairstyle

8) Sectioned Ponytail Braid Out

sectioned ponytail braid out kids hairstyle

9) 2 Sleeked Ponytails

two braided ponytails kids hairstyle

10) 2 Side Buns

2 braided buns kids hairstyle

11) Triangle Part Braids with Beads

kids braids with beads

12) Long Triangle Part Braids with Beads

13) Afro

afro kids hairstyle

14) Bantu Knots

bantu knots on kids

15) High Bun with Love Heart Design

Love these hairstyles? Watch more easy and creative kids natural hairstyles in the video below.

Check out Neriah Leah , Black Curly Princess , heybambino_ and Krich for detailed step by step videos of these hairstyles and more.

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