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70 Gorgeous Pixie Cuts For Black Women In 2024

Pixie Haircuts for Black Women

A pixie cut is a variant of a crop that is generally longer at the top and slightly shorter at the back and sides. Pixie cuts are a popular short hairstyle option for many women who want to do a big chop.

In this article, we’ll take a look at pixie haircuts and different pixie cut hairstyles for Black women.

What are the different types of pixie cuts?

Pixie cuts come in different types namely Pixie cuts with bangs, curly pixie cuts, edgy pixie cuts, choppy pixie cuts, messy pixie cuts, pixie cuts with an undercut and more.

Is a pixie cut low maintenance?

Other than the occasional trims required, pixie cuts are generally low maintenance.

How often does a pixie cut need trimming?

A pixie cut should be trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows and your desired length and look.

70 Best Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Black Women

From wavy pixie cuts to ones with the perfect pin curls and even bowl cuts, here’s the ultimate 70 image list of the most gorgeous pixie cuts for black women in 2024.

1) Textured Pixie Cut 

This gorgeous pixie lets the textured top layers do the talking. Keep it cropped on the back and sides for an easy styling, while you’re able to really amp up the movement of the hair on top.

    curly pixie cut for black women

    2) Unruly Pixie With Baby Sideburns

    This natural curly pixie boosts a mass of loose waves scattered all around the crown and cascading down the forehead to land an effortless and flirty fringe. PICTURE-PERFECT!

      curly pixie cuts for black women

      3) Wild Top, Slicked Sides

      Why go super wild or super soft when you can strike a sweet balance between the two extremes? This unique cut with an elongated top is ready to fulfil your wildest pixie cut dreams, one long curl at a time.

        curly layered pixie cut for black women

        4) Black Frizzy Curly Pixie

        Who knew unruly curls could look this good? We’re completely enamored of this cut; apply some curl enhancer and style it with your hands, and you’re good to go.

          curly pixie cuts for black women

          5) Bold Purple Pixie

          Not us dialing our hairstyle to get this voluminous pixie cut ASAP! When dipped in a color as bold and vibrant as this one, your curls are bound to pop like nobody’s business.

            purple pixie cut black woman

            6) Thick Curly Pixie for Girls

            Doesn’t she look drop-dead gorgeous? That’s what happens when you rock the boldest, sassiest, most unique cropped hairstyle in the world.

            curly pixie cut black women

            7) Neat Pixie Cut for Curly Hair

            If you want to arrive at a clean style that ensures low maintenance for your tight curls, follow in the footsteps of this black girl and ask for a crop cut quite close to the scalp.

            curly pixie cut black women

            8) Flirty Pixie

            The ruffled curls create a fun and flirty finish on this pixie cut.

            curly short pixie cut hairstyle for black women

            9) Burgundy and Copper Curly Cut

            Oh wow, what a color combo! No way your ringlets won’t pop when colored this boldly and intricately; you might want to pair this cut with some poppy makeup just so your face doesn’t look “washed-out” next to those bedazzling curls.

              Ginger Pixie cut on black women

              10) Wavy Pixie Cut With Deep Side Part

              This sophisticated, volume-adding pixie doesn’t take long to style. Even if your hair isn’t wavy enough, resort to a flat iron and it’ll get the job done in no time.

              wavy relaxed pixie cut black women

              11) Trendy Spiky Pixie Cut for Black Women

              Make a bold statement with an edgy, expressive wavy pixie. It’s perfect for thick hair because it emphasizes the fullness of the layers at the crown.

              wavy pixie cut black woman

              12) Golden Blonde Feathered Pixie

              When in doubt, go with the color-and-layers pairing; it works with shorter haircuts just as well as the longer ones. Bonus: when you grow out this pixie, its original asymmetrical cut will remain interesting and edgy, as your hair is getting longer.

                Blonde pixie cut hairstyle on a Black woman

                13) Voluminous Pixie With Exaggerated Crown and Highlights

                Talk about a bonafide show-stopper! Sleek at the back but extra wavy and voluminous at the top, it looks really classy and can add a distinctive diva vibe to your appearance.

                  wavy pixie cut black women with highlights

                  14) Blue and Turquoise Pixie 

                  Sometimes, all it takes for a pixie hairstyle to stand out is a mix of two distinct colors from the same spectrum.  It’s the ultimate head-turner. 

                    blue and turquoise curly pixie cut for black women

                    15) Laid-Back Pixie for Straight Hair

                    If you have thick straight hair and want to try a short chop, a wavy pixie with a hard part is the perfect style for you. We love how sleek and disconnected this pixie is…perfeeect!

                      pixie cut black women with waves

                      16) Long Swept Fringe

                      This wavy cut keeps it short on the sides, but lets that long bang run with tresses over one side of the forehead. If you love a pixie, but still want some hair to play with, this cut is a great choice.

                        wavy pixie cut black women

                        17) Long Pixie for Black Women

                        Not a fan of the ordinary? How about something that draws mega attention at first glance? The 7-inch bang of this sleek cut is enough to leave a lasting impression on everyone.

                        pixie cut black women with waves

                        18) Stacked Pixie With Feathered Crown

                        If you love casually voluminous hairstyles, we’ve got something to suggest. A daring number such as this one is sure to inject lots of sass into your daily look; the volume is built on top, with a cute feathered finish added. JUST PERFECT!

                        wavy pixie cut

                        19) Pixie With Stacked Back

                        Wavy pixie hairstyles don’t get more fun and experimental than this. Combining stacked layers in the back, a hard part, and a long swept bang, this cut has everything it takes to stun.

                          pixie cut black women with waves

                          20) Volume-Adding Waves, Hard Part, and Slicked Sides

                          They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this short wavy hairdo is all the proof we need. Talk about bringing together playfulness and sophistication in one style!

                            wavy pixie cut black women

                            21) Bright Copper Pixie With Nape Undercut

                            If you don’t already know, we love an undercut hairstyle; we also love a color that pops. This pixie offers the best of both worlds, complete with a meticulously-cut straight parting that screams edgy from a distance.

                            Ginger pixie haircut on a Black woman

                            22) Thick and Full 

                            This pin curls pixie is great for those with thick hair. The weight of the thickness helps achieve a multi-dimensional style that looks super healthy and full of texture.

                            pin curls pixie cut

                            23) Sleek and Sophisticated

                            Another brilliant example of a pin curls pixie done right. Show your hairstylist this picture, and if they’re worth their weight in gold, the outcome will be nothing short of gossip-worthy.

                              pin curls pixie cut

                              24) Multi-Tiered Pixie With Tousled Crown

                              Edgy, textured, and lovely–three ways to describe this black pin-curled pixie that means business.

                                pin curls pixie cut

                                25) Black Pixie Hairstyle for Round Faces

                                Here’s the thing: If your face is round, your pixie must feature volume on top that visually elongates your face and brings it to the ideal oval. This curly number has got your back.

                                  pin curls pixie cut

                                  26) Sunkissed

                                  What a gorgeous-looking goddess! Apply a good dose of healthy gloss-adding hair products (read: a good shampoo and shine spray) on your curly pixie to land an enviable summer-ready look.

                                    curly pixie with a side part

                                    27) Pixie Style for Diamond Shaped Faces

                                    Is it just us or pixies with layered pin curls are criminally underrated? The fact that they’ve got enough volume on top to trim down the angular features of a diamond-shaped face is a huge feat on its own.

                                      pin curls pixie cut

                                      28) Light Golden Brown Pixie Haircut

                                      A simple layered pixie cut + a vivid color = a funky, feminine short hairstyle worthy of every compliment it gets (and it’ll get many!). This curly pixie is no different.

                                        pin curls pixie cut

                                        29) Bold Purple Pixie

                                        Not us dialing our hairstyle to get this voluminous pixie cut ASAP! When dipped in a color as bold and vibrant as this one, your curls are bound to pop like nobody’s business.

                                          purple pin curls pixie cut

                                          30) Pixie Haircut for Oval Faces

                                          Short, textured layers on top are the secret to flattering an oval face, and this curly ‘do doesn’t disappoint. Also, it’s got just the right length to give the neck and face the attention they deserve. WE ARE IN LOVE!

                                            pin curls pixie cut

                                            31) Shiny, Glowy Pixie With Smooth Edges

                                            Look how extravagant this black pixie looks! Tousled layers on top add extra volume, while the vivid hard part creates a trendy, bold look.

                                              pin curls pixie cut black women

                                              32) Edgy Pin Curls Pixie

                                              Ruffled pin curls. That’s all you need to pull off this ultra-magnetizing pixie. WE CAN’T STOP STARING!

                                                pin curls pixie cut black women

                                                33) Ginger Pixie Haircut

                                                Yes, it’s possible to rock rather short hair while never sacrificing your femininity. Say hello to this bright ‘do–it’s an especially good fit for deep complexions. Your facial features are about to get a flattering of a lifetime!

                                                  ginger pixie cut with layers

                                                  34) Bold Pixie With Choppy Layers

                                                  An asymmetrical pixie cut can go from cute to edgy in a matter of minutes; this lady shows us how. She’s opted for an extreme undercut on one side and an abundance of piece-y layers and fringe on the other; it’s even dipped in a bright color. SIMPLY STUNNING!

                                                  bold blonde  pixie cut with choppy layers and buzzed sides

                                                  35) Half Wavy, Half Edgy

                                                  Scratch that, it’s a whole lot edgy!  While the waves on the crown are quite stunning on their own, it’s the masterfully crafted zig-zag design on the side that really steals the show. Rock this pixie if you are craving something bold and vogue-ish.

                                                  half wavy edgy pixie cut with zig zag design

                                                  36) Platinum Blonde Pixie

                                                  African American women who’ve successfully transitioned to blonde hair can take a page from this beauty and really up their style game. The canvas is your thick short hair; carve out a fair share of waves, get creative on the sideburns, and go really short with the fringe—that’s how you create a head-turning pixie (you’re welcome).

                                                    Platinum blonde pixie cut with waves, sideburns and a fringe

                                                    37) Thick, Extra Long Bangs

                                                    We thought we’d seen it all until we stumbled upon this stunner (in caps). An extra-voluminous crown, super thick bangs, super cropped sides, bright hue, and a stacked back—what more could you possibly want in an edgy pixie cut?

                                                    black wavy pixie cut with burgundy highlights and curtain bangs

                                                    38) Sassy Platinum Pixie Cut 

                                                    This pixie is all about showing off quirkiness and creativity in a short style. The intricate curl design that extends all the way to the sideburns has us drooling nonstop.

                                                      sassy platinum pixie cut with finger wave curls

                                                      39) Bright and Beautiful

                                                      Curly pixie hairstyles don’t have to be boring and predictable, and this caramel do’ is a perfect example. Its curl pattern is long and wild, especially around the crown, which makes for a fun pixie

                                                        copper blonde curly pixie cut

                                                        40) Blonde Pixie With Piecey Layers

                                                        Whoever said blondes have more fun had probably sighted an African American woman with full-on blonde hair–like this one here. The short choppy layers, mini fringe, and sharp sideburn add flair and drama to the look.

                                                          Platinum blonde pixie cut with a fringe

                                                          41) Natural Pixie Cut

                                                          Tired of a lot of prep work in the morning? Us too. This short wavy pixie really is as low-maintenance as it gets.

                                                            short natural pixie cut with a fringe

                                                            42) Ultra Curly Cut With a Yellow Peekaboo Patch

                                                            First of all, wow! Secondly, this super curly ‘do is far from ordinary–the brightly colored crown injects a much-needed dose of sassiness and chic into your look.

                                                            Ultra curly pixie cut with a yellow peekaboo patch

                                                            43) Stunning Bowl Cut

                                                            What’s not to love about bowl cuts? The exaggerated top and wispy bangs that teasingly graze the eyebrows make for a unique combination.

                                                            bowl cut for black women

                                                            44) Soft and Alluring

                                                            The short layers of this short pixie haircut are prim enough to flatter her oval face shape. No sharp edges or fierce bangs–just a well-balanced, perfectly-colored head of hair. APPROVED!

                                                              soft pixie cut for oval faces

                                                              45) Short Brown Pixie Cut

                                                              On an oblong face, a pixie cut doesn’t require too much styling and length–instead, leave it short, textured, and to the point. The result is a gorgeous, simple look that effortlessly brings out your best features

                                                              short brown curly pixie cut

                                                              46) Wispy Layers Galore

                                                              Take it from us–adding wispy layers to a colored edgy pixie guarantees volume and movement for days. Layers can also create natural volume; we recommend using a glossy hair paste to show off all the different lengths this cut has to offer.

                                                                two tone pixie cut with wispy layers

                                                                47) Romantic Long Top Pixie In Caramel

                                                                For this sensational style, you’ll need curled hair. The asymmetrical pixie cut with long bangs can really flatter a round face; we invite you to try it out, thank us later!

                                                                  caramel asymmetrical peekaboo long top pixie with curls

                                                                  48) Short Hair With Volume-Adding Crown

                                                                  A round of applause for yet another stunning blonde pixie that checks all the right boxes–we simply can’t get enough! The bombshell color and gentle, pixie shape create an elegant, feminine look, flattering to a variety of face shapes. It’s a great option for those interested in exploring layered pixie cuts.

                                                                  platinum pixie cut for black women

                                                                  49) Dazzling Burgundy Pin Curls Pixie On Natural Hair

                                                                  If we’d spotted this pixie earlier, we’d probably never rock another short hairstyle. Such is its irresistible feminine allure, made possible by the tight bright curls and teasy baby bangs.

                                                                    Burgundy pin curls pixie cut

                                                                    50) Layered Pixie Cut for Black Women

                                                                    The best pixie cuts for curly hair are cropped at ear length or beneath the chin, draped with layered curls. This ‘do definitely got the memo–and we couldn’t be more wowed.

                                                                    layered pixie cut

                                                                    51) Mullet-y Pixie

                                                                    Aka the “mixie” or pixie mullet, this cut marries two standout hairstyles to create one bold, androgynous look. If you’re all for duality, then you’ll definitely love the head-turning perks that this pixie has to offer.

                                                                      mullet pixie cut for black women

                                                                      52) Super Short Curly Pixie

                                                                      You’re looking at a really cute hairdo to show off your beautiful complexion, contrast of features, and exquisite jewellery taste. Ask your stylist for baby bangs—they add a gentle, feminine touch to the overall look.

                                                                        short curly pixie cut

                                                                        53) Gorgeous Dark Pixie

                                                                        With the right amount of layers and texturizing cream, pixie cuts for thick curly hair look gorgeous.

                                                                          jet black pixie with fringe curls

                                                                          54) Two Toned Pixie Cut

                                                                          Playing with a mix of contrasting colors never hurt anyone, right? This black queen shows us how to get it right, without making the face look washed out–and we couldn’t be more grateful!

                                                                          two toned pixie cut with layered ruffled curls

                                                                          55) Show-stopping Platinum Blonde Pixie

                                                                          WHAT A BREATHTAKING HEAD OF HAIR! The picture below is proof enough that curly hair can also be low maintenance–as long as the curls are large and well-placed. Restore body and texture with this show-stopping blonde pixie.

                                                                          Platinum blonde curly pixie

                                                                          56) Pixie Hairstyle For Medium Complexion

                                                                          A jet black curly pixie like this one can flatter girls with warm or yellow undertones to perfection. The contrast between the two mediums is simply too gorgeous (read: outstanding) to pass up.

                                                                          Jet black curly pixie

                                                                          57) Chocolate Brown Short Pixie

                                                                          That delectable head-hugging length, that sweet hue, those perfectly layered tresses on top—everything about this mini pixie is to die for!

                                                                            Chocolate brown short pixie cut

                                                                            58) “Almost” V-Cut Nape

                                                                            Taking care of natural hair can be tricky if you have thick tresses. Keeping things short and sweet at the back makes your pixie so much easier to maintain.

                                                                              v-cut nape chocolate brown pixie cut

                                                                              59) Mini Bangs and Front-Facing Waves

                                                                              Rather than styling your waves backwards or toward the sides, endeavor to be different by letting your tresses face forward. Granted, you’ll turn heads wherever you go. Pair the look with a super short fringe and soft sideburn to land an effortlessly feminine look.

                                                                                mini bangs with wavy curls pixie cut

                                                                                60) Well-Defined Curls

                                                                                We won’t get tired of showing just how stunning a black pixie hairstyle looks with layered pin curls. Here’s one more; match it up with big earrings for a full, sophisticated look, perfect for everyday office errands.

                                                                                  layered curls pixie

                                                                                  61) Edgy Feminine Cut 

                                                                                  Yet another head-turning spiked pixie. WE ARE BEDAZZLED!

                                                                                    edgy pixie with curtain bangs

                                                                                    62) Part Feathered, Part Piecey

                                                                                    This stunning pixie combines piecey layers on top and feathery layers at the bottom to land a super voluminous ‘do with incredible body. The wispy sideburns soften out the look while the led lipstick offers a beautiful contrast to the dark mane and dark chocolate complexion. WE WANT IN!

                                                                                      short pixie with feather curls

                                                                                      63) Subtle Face Frame

                                                                                      The face framing layers of this cut as seen on Teyana Taylor might not be overly pronounced, but they still do an excellent job of showing off her stunning bone structure. 10/10!

                                                                                        Teyana Taylor pixie cut

                                                                                        64) Low-Maintenance Pixie for Thick Hair

                                                                                        The beauty of undercut hairstyles is that they require near-zero maintenance, and this pixie is right up there. The subtle violet streaks on the side add a dramatic, swoon-worthy touch to an otherwise predictable cut.

                                                                                          wavy curly pixie with purple highlights

                                                                                          65) Ginger Pixie Cut With Wispy Finish

                                                                                          The body in this stacked copper pixie is simply stunning! This look exudes dreamy and whimsical vibes, with the hair appearing almost floaty and possessing both length and movement. WE CAN’T STOP SWOONING!

                                                                                          ginger pixie cut for black women

                                                                                          66) Charming Short Pixie

                                                                                          Worn in the right length (read: shorter than normal) and color, a pixie can easily be the sexiest short hairstyle you’ll ever rock. This sleek sunkissed cut is sure to leave your next date completely enamored and lost for words, we guarantee it.

                                                                                          charming short pixie for black women

                                                                                          67) Turned-Up Volume

                                                                                          This lustrous head of hair seriously turns up the volume, thanks to textured layers on top and tousled styling.

                                                                                          Voluminous pixie

                                                                                          68) Feminine Pixie for Curly Hair

                                                                                          This pixie cut for thick, curly hair is super feminine and soft thanks to its delicate curls. The extended top makes for an interesting twist that’s sure to have your BFFs endlessly staring, gazing, and complimenting.

                                                                                            Feminine curly pixie

                                                                                            69) Highlighted Pixie With Feathery Finish

                                                                                            The subtle highlights and soft feathering of this thick pixie will help you leave a lasting impression on everyone.

                                                                                              stacked feathery curls pixie with highlights

                                                                                              70) Pixie Bowl Cut With Bold Copper Streaks

                                                                                              Whenever we spot runway-ready pixie cuts like this one, we’re left wondering why some black women are reluctant to take the plunge. Play with short layers in a way that brings out your best facial features; the edgy side burn, rounded crown, and brow-grazing bangs with a peekaboo touch add a delectable twist to this cut.

                                                                                                Peekaboo pixie on a bowl cut for black women

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