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60 Refreshing Peekaboo Braids Ideas For Your Next Braided Look

Peekaboo braids are a protective braided hairstyle defined by colored hair under the top layer of strands.

To achieve this look, most black women contrast their natural hair color against brightly colored braids such as blue, pink and red. 

Put differently, a traditional braided hairstyle–say, box braids–is paired with an unexpected touch of color and texture that peeks out from the bottom rows. The result is a peekaboo effect that stands out from the crowd rather effortlessly.

We don’t know about you, but we wouldn’t mind having hair extensions that make a bold statement from the get-go. And if that means experimenting with “weird” colors or spending an extra few minutes at the salon, so be it!

If you’re not ready to commit to mixed color braids, peekaboo braids are just what you’re looking for.

Before we proceed to the tutorials, let’s look at what you’ll need to nail this look to a tee, as well as a few frequently asked questions.

Products and Hair Type You’ll Need for Peekaboo Braids

Why are they called peekaboo braids?

What most people don’t know is that peekaboo braids have been around for years. In fact, many black queens have worn a hairstyle resembling this one when they were younger, only that it didn’t have a definitive name then.

“Peekaboo” is an apt name for color-popping braids that lend a subtle yet distinctive touch by peeking out from the rest of the hair.

Peekaboo braids are also known as skunk stripe braids.

How long do peekaboo braids last?

With sufficient and consistent care, your peekaboo hairstyle can last for up to 6 weeks. 

How to Do Peekaboo Braids (Red Bottom Braids)

Start off by parting clean, straightened hair into three sections. Have two sections at the front, and one big section at the back.

Next, wrap up the hair at the front into a bun so that it gets out of the way.

You’ll then detangle the hair at the back and work the first part out. Apply shine n jam at the roots of your parted section to sleek down and tame flyaways.

PS- Shine n jam isn’t an option ingredient. Without it, you’ll struggle to create extremely neat and precise sections.

Proceed to divide the parted section into four boxes. Apply shine n jam to the individual segments.

PS- The thinner your hair is in the braid, the easier it’ll be to hide your black hair inside the red braiding hair. The goal is to let the red hair pop.

To start off the knotless braiding process, work out one of the four boxes into three tails. Weave them together a couple of times. You’ll then take the red braiding hair and apply it to the middle portion of the plait. 

Once you have it attached, wrap it around and continue with the same motion along the length of the braid.

PS- Be sure to feel the texture of the red braiding hair as you move along to make sure it’s not obstructed by the black hair at any point. Tuck it behind if the hiding method doesn’t work.

Repeat the above procedure for all the individual sections within rows and for at least three rows going up. Then you can start working on the rest of the hair using black braiding hair until you’re done. To save time, braid the ends later.

You’ll want to put knots at the end of the braids to keep them from unraveling. To do that, take a little bit of the hair and wrap it around your two fingers–the thumb and index finger–and then place the tail between them. Pull the tail through to create a small knot.

Finish by wrapping the ends around a perm rod and dipping them in hot water for five minutes tops. This will culminate in some really pretty curls. As always, apply shine n jam and/or mousse to set the braids.

For a detailed visual, refer to the video below.

YouTube video

60 Dazzling Ideas for Incorporating Peekaboo Braids Into Your Next Refresh

Now that the hard work is behind us, let’s go through some peekaboo braids hairstyles that are worth your time, effort, and money this year.

Inspo 101 doesn’t get any better than this.

1) Pink Peekaboo Braids

This combo of brown and pink with layered curled ends is THE ONE.

pink peekaboo braids on brown layered knotless braids with curled ends

2) Multicolor Knotless Peekaboo Braids With Braided Butterflies

Enhance the beauty of your black braids by adding pops of different colors on one side. Sew in some braided butterflies for an extra pop and curl the ends. The end result will look playful without being overwhelming.

multicolor peekaboo knotless braids with curly ends

3) Pink & Blue Boho Peekaboo Knotless Braids With Beads

Sometimes all black braids need is a little smidge of one or two colors to take them from stale to stellar.

pink and blue peekaboo boho knotless braids with beads

4) Blonde Peekaboo on Ginger Knotless Braids

Ginger knotless braids that match the dyed hair? Check. A hint of blonde? Check-check. We dig!

blonde peekaboo on ginger knotless braids

5) Pops of Color Against a Dark Base

Think one color is too plain and drab? Get the full dose of colors with peekaboo hair like this one. Level up the look further with colourful beads.


6) Blonde Peekaboo Boho Fulani Braids

The blonde peekaboo on these stitch boho Fulani braids is a guaranteed head-turner. There’s no way your hairstyle won’t pop with such an addition.

blonde peekaboo boho fulani braids

7) Rainbow Peekaboo Knotless Braids

It’s time to give classic braids a whole new meaning. Unanticipated is the name of the game when this rainbow mix contrasts beautifully with black.

rainbow peekaboo knotless braids with braided butterflies

8) Burgundy Peekaboo Knotless Braids With Curly Ends

If you’re not ready to take the full plunge into the bright colors realm just yet, then this warm brown hue is perfect for you. Grab attention without coming off too strong.

Burgundy peekaboo knotless braids with curly ends

9) Pink Peekaboo Braids

Go ham with your choice of peekaboo color. Pink popping from underneath pitch black braids is sure to have onlookers talking…and complimenting.

large pink peekaboo braids

10) Pops of Ginger

You don’t have to look too far to get a color match that’s made in heaven. THIS IS IT!

ginger peekaboo knotless braids

11) Shoulder-Grazing Peekaboo Braids With Messy Edges, Beads, and Middle-Part

This hairstyle adds some girlie details to the beaded braids, such as the broken heart-shaped design at the top, and the oh-so-colorful strands at the bottom.

blonde peekaboo knotless braids with beads

12) Ash Brown Boho Peekaboo Braids

This is the go-to style for women who can’t quite commit to a bright hair color or the ever-so-obvious blonde. The fullness and depth you’ll attain will instantly nullify any doubts you might have.

ash blonde boho peekaboo braids

13) Large-Size Peekaboo Box Braids

Go big (read: bold color) or go home with these unconventional braids. The final look will be absolutely worth it, we guarantee it.

blue jumbo peekaboo braids

14) Purple Peekaboo Braids

We love the subtle peekaboo effect these braids have going on. Soft purple accents draw attention without taking away from the stunning aesthetic. 

purple peekaboo knotless braids

15) Knotless Braids With Neon Blue Streaks

Who would’ve thought that a blue shade would chime perfectly with dark braids? But it does; additionally, it emphasizes the hair length in a picture-perfect way.


16) Boho Knotless Pink & Blonde Peekaboo

We don’t need to tell you twice that this combo offers the perfect balance of spicy and subtle for this boho braids look. 

boho knotless pink and blonde peekaboo braids

17) Color 27 Peekaboo Knotless Braids With Curly Ends

This hint of color 27 has us drooling all the way to the salon.

color 27 peekaboo knotless braids with curly ends

18) Orange Meets Black

The orange peekaboo was the perfect finish for this freestyle tribal braids look.

orange peekaboo Fulani tribal braids

19) Burgundy Braids With Blonde Strands

Spicy meets extra spicy in this extraordinary blend. The result is a color show fit for the red carpet.

blonde peekaboo on boho burgundy braids

20) Pink Braids Against a Dark Chocolate Brown Base

These brown ropes of hair emphasize the rich pink shade beneath in a way no other hue can. Just perfect.

pink peekaboo knotless braids

21) Black and Red Braids With Bohemian Vibes

This is what happens when the coolest braiding technique out there meets the coolest color combo this side of the Hemisphere.

boho bob peekaboo braids

22) Black and White

Stop wondering how best to deliver a definitive yet seamless transition within braided hair. This right here is your cue.


23) Tribal Hot Pink Peekaboo Braids

A cheerful shade + bouncy curls = playfulness galore. 

pink peekaboo tribal braids

24) Teeny-Tiny Peekaboo Braids In Green

The shine and gloss in this look is hurting our eyes…in a good way.

small green peekaboo knotless braids

25) Black and Pink Braids Up do

And the award for the most creative peekaboo braids for 2024 goes to…this super elegant updo look.

pink peekaboo braided up do for black women

26) Very Long Knotless Braids

Now that’s the exact length and color we envision when we think about our dream peekaboo hair. And those curls at the end? Hoooot!

blue peekaboo knotless braids with curly ends

27) Peekaboo Boho Island Twists

The intricate free-flowing curls and perfectly subtle silver shade are what makes this peekaboo boho island twists look a swoon-worthy style. 

Peekaboo boho island twists

28) Medium Mid Back Peekaboo Braids With Curly Ends

Pull off the perfect surprise with this unexpected contrast. Blonde typically blends well with black, but not this well.

blonde peekaboo knotless braids with curled ends

29) Shiny Gold Peekaboo Braids

Want just the right amount of color and texture in your braids? These peekaboo braids have your name written all over them.


30) Heart Part Knotless Braids

Say less, here’s the perfect way to make a stylish and quirky statement with your not-so-lengthy braids.

heart part red peekaboo knotless braids

31) Asymmetrical Mixed Color Peekaboo Braids

The marriage of a conspicuous patch of a mixed color blend look on one-side and uniformly dark braids on the opposite side lends an eccentric vibe to otherwise typical strands.

mixed color peekaboo knotless braids

32) Butt-Length Braids

These extra long braids with curly ends have a lot going on in the greatest manner possible.

blonde peekaboo knotless braids

33) Peekaboo Box Braids In Two Colors

Here is one way to play with peekaboo braids–add a two-toned extravaganza on either side. Summer look, nailed.

two toned peekaboo knotless braids

34) Gorgeous Goddess Braids With Light Brown Underlining

The flawless curl job at the ends might have stolen all the show here if it weren’t for the warm brown insertions that highlight the length.


35) Multicolored Knotless Braids With Pops of Magenta and Boho Ends

If you’re looking for a bold and unorthodox look as your next braided hairstyle, this red streak dashing through the rainbow hair is just the thing in this multi coloured peekaboo boho braids look.

Multicoloured peekaboo boho braids

36) Black Braided Look With Hints Of Pink and Blonde

This beauty scores a perfect 10 on our peekaboo braids scale for obvious reasons–perfect color combo, perfect updo, perfect middle part, and then some.

37) Brown Blonde Balayage Braids

Fullness and depth have never looked this good. And it’s all thanks to the brown and white hues that effortlessly complement each other all the way down in this boho Fulani braids peekaboo look.

Peekaboo boho Fulani braids

38) Below-the-Shoulder Peekaboo Braids In Coppery Brown

Repeat after us: spice, spice, and more spice. That’s the calling card for this stunning style.

ginger peekaboo knotless braids

39) Ombre Peekaboo Braids Meet Blonde

There’s nothing unusual about this hairstyle…just two distinct hues contrasting the heck out of each other. Unusually perfect, shall we say?


40) Beaded Electric Blue Peekaboo Braids

The hair accessories are super cute, alright. But it’s the definitive shot of blue that has us really craving this hairstyle.

blue peekaboo braids with beads

41) Yarn Knotless Bob Braids

Who knew a braided maroon bob would look this delicious when paired with blonde strands? We vouch!

42) Stunning Pops of Lilac 

Two gorgeous hues, same color spectrum, one outcome: sensational.


43) Knotless White and Orange Peekaboo Braids

It’s not an exaggeration when we say this is the best monotony-free braided look right now. The killer color combo eases the tightness between the black braids, all while highlighting their butter-smooth texture and incredible length.


44) Blue and Green Galore

An instant gossip-worthy look awaits you in the shape of these twin peekaboo braids. The contrast, texture, and shine that they ooze is, quite simply, wow-worthy.


45) Purple and Lilac Peekaboo Braids

You don’t have to move out of your preferred color spectrum to nail an out-of-the-ordinary vibe. These super textured braids are proof enough.

Purple and lilac peekaboo braids

46) Braided Bun Look With Poppy Copper Brown

Everything. That’s what we love about this cheeky yet chic scalp braids hairstyle.

Peekaboo Fulani braids with curly ends

47) Eye-Catching Peekaboo Flip Over Fulani Braids

We absolutely love the diagonal cornrows and the fancy curls below them, but we simply cannot take our eyes off of the hot red strands and how they balance everything beautifully in this peekaboo flip over Fulani braids look.

Peekaboo boho flip over Fulani braids

48) Jumbo Cornrow Braids With Garnet Peepers

This mesmerizing shade of red emphasizes length and size in all the right places (read: angles).


49) Flavorful Pink In Full Flow

What’s a braided hairstyle without the full flow of strands? The hot pink and bright copper ensure your braids’ entire length is in focus–as it’s meant to be. Incorporate a cute pink peekaboo look into your Alicia Keys braids.

Peekaboo Alicia keys braids

50) Starry Cornrow Design With Cute Orange Peekaboo

Imitate the main character energy oozed by this gal by making sure the stark combination between black and orange is as unerring as hers. 

Peekaboo stitch cornrows with star design

51) Fun Beaded Pink Peekaboo Braids

If the hot pink could talk, we’re sure it’d say something fun and fuzzy. Summer vibe, is that you?

pink peekaboo braids with beads

52) Golden Speckles

Now that’s some proper shine! These long peekaboo braids inject verve and zazz where none previously existed.

color 27 peekaboo braids

53) Lime Green Peekaboo Braids

We are enamored with these black braids with a fierce shot of green. We adore the switch-up from the more typical hues and how they scream edgy without even trying.

lime green peekaboo braids

54) Burgundy and Pink Peekaboo Braids With Beads

We thought we’d seen it all until we stumbled upon this elegant beaded hairstyle with red at the front and pink at the back. The hairstylist sure did outdo themselves!

Burgundy and pink peekaboo braids with beads

55) Freestyle Scalp Braids With Brown and White Peekaboo

Here, the flashes of light brown inserted into the black braids all the way down echo the vibrant blonde shade placed just above it. 

Peekaboo Fulani braids

56) Short Braids With High Ponytail

As if short knotless braids with beads hairstyles needed a boost to really thrive…well, a little red in the mix never hurt anyone, right?

Peekaboo short knotless braids with beads

57) Unicorn Peekaboo Braids

Give extra dimension to braided hair with mixed color braids strands.The distribution should be uneven if you want the final look to be as dreamy and unique as this one.

unicorn peekaboo braids

58) Two Layer Braids in Fulani Design

This mesmerizing hairstyle utilizes flashy red on the bottom to balance the top Fulani braids segment decorated with criss cross stitch braids and stunningly styled baby hair.

peekaboo criss cross Fulani braids

59) Stitch Braids Ponytail

We love how the high pony showcases just enough of the colors underneath for the peekaboo effect to come off beautifully. Not too much, not too little, and certainly not too typically. 

stitch braided ponytail peekaboo braids

60) Small-Size Peekaboo Braids

Together, orange, blue, green, yellow, and red just make sense. These hot multi-color strands will definitely stand out against the knee-length knotless braids.

rainbow peekaboo braids

Expert Maintenance Tips for Peekaboo Braids

  • Wrap your hair using a silk scarf or bonnet at night.
  • If you notice your braids are getting frizzy and losing their allure over time, refresh your old braids using a shampoo, conditioner and mousse. Follow it up with an edge control to touch up your hairline.