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How to Refresh your Knotless Braids using 3 Methods

If your Knotless braids are old and you’re wondering how to refresh them and make them look new again, this is for you.

Knotless braids are pretty pricy if you get them done by a professional stylist.

For most people, when you pay an upwards of $150 for a style, you’ll want to get your money’s worth.

Don’t get us wrong. Knotless braids are definitely worth all the money you pay. Dare we say they’re 10 times better than box braids.

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If the former is your case or you just want to make your old Knotless braids look new again before you’re ready to take them out, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 3 different methods you can use to freshen your Knotless braids.

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How to refresh Knotless braids (Method 1)

In this method, you’ll start off by washing your hair using water and a shampoo.

Alternatively, you can skip washing your hair and use a hair rinse with apple cider vinegar. It helps with removing scalp buildup and reducing dandruff.

Depending on how old your braids are, you’ll want to be thorough but gentle at the same time. The goal is to clean the scalp and get rid of build up and dirt, not undo the parts.

After your hair is clean, use a leave in conditioner. Apply it well all over your scalp and let it sit for some minutes.

Take your scalp oil and oil your scalp before you start the retwist process.

Use shine n jam and apply it to your individually braided sections after which you’ll proceed to retwist them.

The retwist process is what makes your old Knotless braids look new again in this method.

Ps: Make sure you avoid retwisting your hair using too much gel. You don’t want to end up locing your hair.

After all your individually braided parts are retwisted, boil some water in a kettle, transfer the hot water to a container or small basin and dip your braids inside the hot water.

Alternatively, you can opt to dip the braids directly inside the kettle with hot water, as odd a method as that is.

After dipping your braids in hot water for 2 to 5 minutes, wring out the water using a towel, air dry your braids, apply mousse all over your head and use edge control to lay your edges.

As always, for a detailed visual, refer to the video below.

YouTube video

How to refresh Knotless braids (Method 2)

The second method is pretty simple and involves getting a refresh from your stylist.

Your stylist will typically undo either the front and/or back of your head and braid a new set of Knotless braids.

They will then dip your braids in hot water, use mousse to give your braids a shine and edge control to lay your edges.

The price will vary depending on your stylist.

How to refresh Knotless braids (Method 3)

The third method of freshening Knotless braids is pretty genius.

You might need to have a stylist do it for you or try it yourself if you like a good challenge.

In this method, the already cleaned hair (using method 1) is gently combed upwards up to where the braid starts after applying shine n jam.

This is to ensure that any extra hair that was used while the braids were originally done will be included in the process.

The shine n jam gives you a proper hold.

A crotchet needle is then used and the braid is looped back into the section 2 times.

The same process is done to all the individually braided sections.

For the finishing touch, the braids are dipped in hot water boiled in a kettle and mousse is used to give the braids a shine and tame any flyaways while edge control to lay your edges.

For a detailed visual, watch the featured video on this post from the amazing @ijelalacrotchet.

Which Knotless braids refesh method will you be using?

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