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Passion Braids: How to, Type of Hair Used & Styles

Out go Passion Twists and in come Passion Braids aka butterfly braids. Yes, there’s yet another new hairstyle in town and we’ll be covering everything you need to know about Passion braids.

What are Passion braids?

Passion braids are the box braids version of passion twists achieved using a mix of freetress prestreched waterwave braiding hair and freetress waterwave hair. They’re also called knotless butterfly braids.

How long do passion braids last?

Passion braids can last for 3 to 5 weeks. Just like passion twists, they’re not meant to be kept in for too long.

How much do passion braids cost?

Passion braids cost $200 if you get your hair done by a professional stylist and at most $100 if you decide to DIY them.

What are butterfly braids?

Passion braids are also referred to as butterfly braids due to their distressed like look similar in butterfly locs.

There are different types of passion braids and tutorials alike.

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Type of hair and products used for passion braids

  1. Pre-stretched braiding hair.
  2. Freetress water wave hair.
  3. Shine n jam.
  4. Rubber bands.
  5. Mousse.
  6. Rat tail comb.

There’s the medium/standard size Passion braids as seen on the page of the original creator of Passion twists Kailyn Rogers and the knotless Jumbo passion braids version by slaidbyvee_.

Medium passion braids

passion braids

Jumbo passion braids

jumbo passion braids

Now while many people still have their reservations about this hairstyle, it seems like it will gradually grow on people.

How to do passion braids

Passion braids are easy to do especially because they’re done using the knotless braiding method.

Start by parting clean and stretched hair into your desired sizes.

Apply shine n jam at the root of the hair in order to get a sleek/clean look and to get a proper hold.

Start by braiding the hair like you would with a normal natural hair braid until your base is formed.

Take the prestretched braiding hair and continue feeding in small amounts gradually as you’re braiding the hair.

As you move along the braid, take the freetress waterwave hair and add it to the mix.

Remember to loosen your hold as you move along the length of the braid to make the end process where you achieve the desired look easier.

After your braid is done, start loosening both the waterwave braiding hair and freetress hair using your hands by lightly pulling it.

The end result should be something like this. A messy/butterfly/fish braid look.

passion braids example

passion braids process

For a detailed visual, watch the video below.

YouTube video

DIY Passion braids

The DIY passion braids route is equally as simple because they’re Knotless and don’t take too long to do.

There are two methods you can use for diy passion braids, the crotchet method and the method in part 1.

The only difference is that in the crotchet method, rubber bands are used and a crotchet needle is used to loop the hair in before you start braiding it.

You can use either methods depending on whether you want the medium sized simple passion braids or the jumbo messy Knotless passion braids.

Find detailed visuals in the videos below.

YouTube video

YouTube video

Passion braids maintenance

  1. Wear a satin bonnet or wrap your hair in a silk scarf at night.
  2. Use dry shampoo to clean your scalp and to get rid of oil build up.
  3. Use an anti itch oil on your scalp if your scalp gets itchy.

25 Passion Braids Hairstyles


Jumbo passion braids


Passion braids


passion butterfly braids


Passion braids


medium passon braids


Long brown knotless passion braids


Messy jumbo passion braids


Extra long knotless passion braids


Two tone passion braids


Mid back jumbo Knotless passion braids


Jumbo passion braids


Medium length jumbo passion braids


Jumbo passion braids


Jumbo Knotless passion braids


Blonde and black jumbo passion braids


Knotless jumbo passion braids


Black passion braids


Multi tone jumbo passion braids


Jumbo passion braids


Extra long jumbo passion twist braids


Jumbo passion braids


Long jumbo Knotless passion braids


Long jumbo passion braids


Small to medium knotless passion braids


Passion butterfly braids

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