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50 Charming Ways To Rock The Barbie Ponytail In 2024

The barbie ponytail is a protective hairstyle characterized by a high ponytail, flipped ends, and a hair swoop across the forehead. 

After gathering dust on the shelves for quite a while, the iconic barbie ponytail is back with a bang. And it’s all thanks to the new Barbie film–starring Margot Robbie and directed by Greta Gerwig. 

They call it timeless for a reason. From laid-back versions worn by Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s to the more dramatic modern iterations rocked by Ariana Grande and Rihanna, the classy yet whimsical updo seems to have been around forever.  

Shhh, we know why that’s the case–the signature flick at the end adds fun and zing to an already sophisticated hairstyle. The outcome is a look that has got a little bit of everything: cutesiness, energy, sass, and a pulled together aura that’s difficult to ignore.

The best part about this celebrity-approved hairstyle is that it flatters all hair types and can be dressed up or down with relative ease. What’s not to love?

Before we dive into the tutorials, let’s look at the products you’ll need and some frequently asked questions.

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What You’ll Need for the Barbie Ponytail

This ponytail’s success is all about having the right hair tools and products. Here’s exactly what you need to make the look truly yours:

How long does the Barbie ponytail last?

With proper care this hairstyle can last for up to 2 weeks.

What kind of hair do I need for the Barbie ponytail?

Whether you have long or short hair, or want it done curly or straight, it’s possible to get your ponytail Barbie-ized. Even those with moderately short hair can still attain the perfect Barbie ponytail. The trick is to swap out the full up-do for a half ponytail and flip the remaining, bottom layers using a curling iron.

How to do the Barbie Ponytail (With Swoop/Side Bangs)

Step 1: Start by parting a portion of your natural hair at the top. The idea is to have it square-shaped for the bang.

Step 2: You’ll then section off the segmented part using a scrunchie so that it doesn’t get in the way of everything else.

Step 3: Next, comb the hair at the sides into the position of the ponytail. Hold it in place using a hair tie.

PS: Before you put the combed hair into the scrunchie, you’ll want to make sure the area where your swoop will flow from is clear and well-defined. Don’t let it get overshadowed because the crispiness of your overall look depends on it.

Step 4: Apply a generous amount of hair spray on your parted sections to tame flyaways.

Step 5: When you get to the back, work in sections. Part the top section, comb it up, and then spray it. Finish by blow-drying it into place.

PS: If you have short hair or had previously bobbed your hair, working in sections at the back is a great way to ensure your ponytail’s longevity. Putting everything up at one go could result in the hair falling back down rather easily.

Step 6: Keep parting, spraying, and blow-drying until all the hair at the back is up. Use another hair tie to attach it to the first ponytail.

Step 7: It’s time to attach some braiding hair to the ponytail. Use the rubber band method. Apply a fair amount of edge control to prevent your ends from sticking out when doing the braid.

PS: This step is not mandatory. However, doing it could result in less tension on your actual hair and a much thicker ponytail.

Step 8: Once you’re done with the braid, you’ll want to tie your weft extension onto the ponytail. You can either pin it in, sew it in, or wrap it in strips and glue it in. For this tutorial, we’ll go with sewing.

PS: While all these methods can capably secure your high pony, sewing provides an extra layer of security so your hair remains firmly in place whenever you’re swinging it.

Step 9: Attach a long-enough string to the edge of the weft using a needle. You’ll then sew the extension to the bottom of the braid. Wrap the hair up while sewing it to the braid until you get to the top of the pony.

Step 10: Next, you’ll want to cover the band where the sewing ends to make sure it’s not showing. Take a piece from the back of your pony, apply hair gel on it, and then comb through it out to remove any lumps. Once you’ve wrapped it around the ponytail, use hair spray to secure it in place.

Step 10: At this point, you can release your swoop and wear it as is. However, if you like having a little extra length, more glued-in pieces are needed. Part the hair on your bang in the direction you want it to flow.

PS: Parting in a specific direction prevents the swoop from falling on your face while still maintaining prominence on the side.

Step 11: Take the edge of your extension and measure it to the same size as the part or a little bit shorter. Apply some glue on it, blow dry until it gets a little bit tacky, and then place it on your part. Blow dry it again until it feels more secure.

Step 12:  Repeat the above step until you approach the top of the parted section. Six or seven more rows might suffice. 

PS: Refrain from glueing pieces all the way up top. Your focus should be in the middle so the swoop’s maximum length and fullness are retained.

Step 13: Still on the swoop, comb the top part into the exact place you want it to sit. The perfect swoop sits just above the brow. To achieve a flawlessly curved look, apply hair spray and then blow dry it into place.

Step 14: You’ll then comb your ponytail really straight. Use your fingers to ascertain that all portions are evened out. Run two of your fingers all the way down and use them to decide where best to cut off a small chunk of the ponytail for a blunt finish.

Step 15: With the help of a curling iron, gently curl up the strands on your ponytail to achieve the statement flipped look.

Step 16: Finish by tucking the ends of the swoop behind the ear. You can use bobby pins to hold everything in place, but if your hair is long enough, take whatever is left of the swoop and wrap it at the bottom of the ponytail’s band.

For a detailed visual, refer to the videos below.

YouTube video

YouTube video

How to Do the Barbie Ponytail (Without Swoop)

If you prefer to dorn a barbie ponytail without a swoop, refer to the step by step video below.

For the most part, the process is pretty much the same. The only difference is that instead of sectioning off a portion of your hair into a square-shaped part, you’ll comb it all up into the position of the ponytail.

YouTube video

How to DIY the Barbie Ponytail (Without Using Glue)

If DIY-ing your Barbie ponytail is what tickles your fancy, check out the beginner-friendly video below for simple tricks and hacks.

The process is as straightforward as it can get, with complex add-ons and try-outs conveniently removed to ensure you don’t miss a step. Simply put, no heat, no glue, no sewing

YouTube video

How to Do a Layered Barbie Ponytail

Unlike a typical Barbie Ponytail where the ponytail is not layered, the allure of this look lies in curled, well-defined layers.

Once you’ve brought your hair into the ponytail position and added extensions as needed, work out individual layers within the ponytail. 

Pick out a sizeable portion of your pony hair and then section it off using a pair of scissors, taking care not to cut it too short.

Use the first piece to guide your cutting and portioning throughout the ponytail.

Finally, curl the hair going away from your face but upwards. You’ll want to start as high as possible, preferably near the ponytail’s band. The layered sections can be as many or as few as you want.

For a precise and detailed visual, refer to the video below.

YouTube video

Expert Maintenance Tips for the Barbie Ponytail

  • Before you go to bed, clip your hair into a spiral. This maintains the curls.
  • Use a paddle brush to smooth and detangle your real hair every morning. You want to achieve a consistently sleek, fritz-free look across your entire head of hair.
  • If you have fine hair, steer clear of heat unless you absolutely have to. 
  • Consistent use of a flat iron can easily wreak havoc on your already brittle strands.
  • Use silicone-free hair oil to give your pony a face-lift whenever it starts to look lacklustre. 
  • Use a high-quality wax stick to keep flyaways at bay and add luxurious shine to your hair.
  • Avoid keeping in your ponytail for too long or doing them back to back without sufficient breaks in between to prevent hair breakage and thinning around your edges.

50 Barbie Ponytail Hairstyles & Ideas 

Now that you understand the intricacies of the Barbie ponytail, check out 50 Barbie ponytail hairstyles and ideas below for inspiration.

1) Caramel Barbie Ponytail On a Wig

caramel barbie ponytail on a curly hair wig

2) High Barbie Ponytail

high barbie ponytail on Normani

3) Top Knot Bun Barbie Ponytail

top knot barbie ponytail with curled bangs

4) High Barbie Ponytail On Curly Hair

high barbie ponytail on curly hair

5) Curly Short Barbie Ponytail

curly short barbie ponytail

6) High Ponytail With Swoop


7) High Barbie Ponytail With a Heart Part Swoop

high barbie ponytail with a heart part swoop

8) Barbie Ponytail With Curled Side Bang

barbie ponytail with curled side bang

9) High Layered Barbie Ponytail

high layered barbie ponytail

10) 90s Layered Flipped Barbie Ponytail

90s layered flipped barbie ponytail

11) Two-Toned High Barbie Ponytail

two tone high barbie ponytail with swoop

12) High Barbie Ponytail With Bangs

caramel high barbie ponytail with long bangs

13) High Barbie Ponytail With a Fringe

high barbie ponytail with a fringe

14) High Barbie Ponytail On Curly Hair

high barbie ponytail on curly hair

15) Short Barbie Ponytail With Swoop

short barbie ponytail with swoop

16) High Barbie Ponytail

high barbie ponytail

17) Half Up Half Down Barbie Ponytail

half up half down barbie ponytail on curly hair

18) Low Barbie Ponytail With Curly Ends


19) Layered Barbie Ponytail

layered barbie ponytail

20) High Barbie Ponytail With Swoop

high barbie ponytail with swoop

21) Blonde High Barbie Ponytail On a Wig

blonde high barbie ponytail on a wig

22) Sleek High Barbie Ponytail With Curled Baby Hair


23) Type 4 Hair Barbie Ponytail Transformation

type 4 hair Barbie Ponytail Transformation

24) Slicked Barbie Ponytail With Accent Highlights

Slicked Barbie Ponytail With Accent Highlights

25) Honey Blonde Low Ponytail


26) Wavy High Ponytail

wavy high ponytail

27) Barbie Ponytail With Swoop Curled Side Bang

barbie ponytail with swoop Curled Side Bang

28) Long Pony With Medium-Length Bangs


29) Turquoise Barbie Ponytail With Fishtail Braid


30) Half Up Half Down Barbie Ponytail

half up half down barbie ponytail

31) Barbie Ponytail With a Fringe

barbie ponytail with a fringe

32) Twinning Shoulder Length Barbie Ponytail With Swoops

Shoulder length barbie ponytails with swoops on twins
@autumn.danyelle x @summerravenn

33) Caramel Barbie Ponytail With Swoop


34) Short Barbie Ponytail

short barbie ponytail

35) Shoulder Length Peekaboo Barbie Ponytail

Shoulder length peekaboo barbie ponytail

36) Long Barbie Ponytail With Curly Ends

long barbie ponytail with curly ends

37) Orange Wig Barbie Ponytail With Swoop

orange bob wig half up half down barbie ponytail with swoop

38) Low Barbie Ponytail

low barbie ponytail

39) Mid Back Barbie Ponytail With Swoop

Mid back Barbie Ponytail With Swoop

40) Short Barbie Ponytail With Swoop

Short Barbie Ponytail With Swoop

41) Shoulder Length Barbie Ponytail With Swoop

Shoulder Length Barbie Ponytail With Swoop

42) Short Barbie Ponytail With Swoop

short barbie ponytail with swoop

43) Shoulder Length Barbie Ponytail With Swoop

shoulder length barbie ponytail with swoop

44) Long Barbie Ponytail With Swoop

long barbie ponytail with swoop

45) Peekaboo Short Barbie Ponytail

Peekaboo short barbie ponytail

46) Peekaboo Barbie Ponytail With a Heart Swoop

Peekaboo barbie ponytail with a heart swoop

47) Long Barbie Ponytail

long barbie ponytail

48) Half Up Half Down Barbie Ponytail

half up half down barbie ponytail

49) Barbie Ponytail With Swoop

barbie ponytail with swoop

50) Low Barbie Ponytail With Swoop

low barbie ponytail with swoop

Barbie ponytails make for the perfect birthday hairstyle.

Which one of these barbie ponytail hairstyles will you be trying?