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40 Lemonade Fulani Braids & Twists Hairstyles Trending Right Now

What would happen if you took two different hairstyles and put them together on one head? Nine times out of ten the results would be disastrous but that’s not the case for Lemonade Fulani Braids.

Lemonade and Fulani Braids just had a baby and it’s perfect.

Like the name suggests, Lemonade Fulani braids are a combination of Beyonce inspired & approved Lemonade braids and the gorgeous Fulani tribal braids (half cornrows half knotless braids).

As is the norm on all our posts, we’ve got all the details you need to make this hairstyle yours.

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Products you’ll need for Lemonade Fulani Braids

How to do Lemonade Fulani Braids

Start by parting clean, stretched and product free hair into two sections. 1/4 at the front and 3/4 at the back.

The section at the front is where you’ll do the lemonade braids and the section at the back will have the knotless braids.

For this tutorial, we’ll start with the back section.

Part your back section into smaller sections using the brick layering method and start doing the knotless braids.

Divide the hair using a rat tail comb, apply your shine n jam and begin plaiting the hair as you feed in small bits of braiding hair along the length of the braid according to your desired size.

After you’re done with the back section, start working on the front section.

Leave out enough hair for at least four to six knotless braids or twists under the cornrows where your lemonade braids will end.

This will help with creating mobility and a seamless flow.

Plait your four knotless braids, then your cornrows.

After everything is done, lay your edges, apply some mousse and you’ll be ready to rock your new style.

For a detailed visual, watch the videos that are linked below.

YouTube video

YouTube video

40 Cute Lemonade Fulani Braids Styles

Now that you know how to do lemonade Fulani braids, here’s 40 pictures of different lemonade Fulani braids hairstyles for your Pinterest boards.

1) Lemonade Fulani Twists

The transition of the hand stitched lemonade braids section to twists is pure mastery.

Lemonade Fulani twists

2) Stitch Lemonade Fulani Braids

Would you believe these are hand stitched? We’re in love!

Stitch lemonade Fulani braids

3) Large Lemonade Fulani Braids

The triangle part knotless braids add an extra pop to this hairstyle.

Lemonade Fulani braids with triangle part knotless braids

4) Lemonade Fulani Twists

Just look at that transition up close.

Lemonade Fulani twists

5) Long Lemonade Fulani Twists

What’s not to love?

long lemonade Fulani twists

6) Ginger Lemonade Fulani Braids

You can’t go wrong with any shade of copper.

Ginger lemonade Fulani braids

7) Boho Ginger Lemonade Fulani Braids

Up close and personal. The color match is a sure head turner.

boho ginger lemonade braids

8) Long Lemonade Fulani Twists

You can dress this style up or down.

long lemonade Fulani twists with curly ends

9) Stitch Lemonade Fulani Braids

Not too big, not too small. Just the right size.

stitch lemonade Fulani braids

10) Lemonade Fulani Braids For Kids

Yes. Your little ones can hop on the lemonade Fulani braids trend too.

boho lemonade Fulani braids for kids

11) Large Stitch Lemonade Fulani Braids

Large stitch braids look just as good as the small ones.

large stitch lemonade Fulani braids

12) Boho Lemonade Fulani Braids

If you want easy to manage curls, buy curly human hair instead of synthetic hair.

Freestyle boho Fulani lemonade braids

13) Freestyle Lemonade Fulani Braids

With freestyle as an add on, you can get virtually any design you’d like.

Freestyle boho lemonade Fulani braids

14) Smedium Lemonade Fulani Twists

The smaller the parts, the fuller the look.

smedium Lemonade Fulani twists

15) Boho Lemonade Fulani Braids

An up close look at this boho goodness.

boho lemonade Fulani braids updo

16) Ginger Lemonade Fulani Braids

Color 350 is the color to buy if you want this shade of copper.

ginger lemonade Fulani braids

17) Long Lemonade Fulani Braids

If you love long braids you’ll love this length in this style.

extra long lemonade Fulani braids

18) Lemonade Fulani Twists

These are officially on our must try list.

Lemonade Fulani twists

19) Freestyle Lemonade Fulani Twists

Here’s an up close look at this style.

Freestyle lemonade Fulani twists

20) Boho Lemonade Fulani Braids With Hearts

Valentine’s might be over but you can still add some cute hearts to your braided look.

boho lemonade Fulani braids with hearts

21) Boho Lemonade Fulani Braids

Who said lemonade Fulani braids have limited styling options? A cute updo will get you all the compliments.

boho lemonade Fulani braids updo

22) Stitch Lemonade Fulani Braids

An actual work of art.

Stitch lemonade Fulani braids

23) Freestyle Lemonade Fulani Twists

We’re sold on twists instead of braids for the back section.

Freestyle lemonade Fulani braids

24) Long Lemonade Fulani Twists

3o inch braids will give you this exact look.

long lemonade Fulani twists

25) Freestyle Lemonade Fulani Braids

The curved cornrows trend as seen on the Alicia Keys inspired braids works on lemonade braids too.

Freestyle lemonade Fulani braids

26) Lemonade Fulani Twists

The longer the twists the better.

Lemonade Fulani twists

27) Stitch Lemonade Fulani Braids

The large stitch lemonade braids match the large box braids sections really well.

Stitch lemonade Fulani braids

28) Stitch Lemonade Fulani Braids

This color? Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

brown stitch lemonade Fulani braids

29) Boho Stitch Lemonade Fulani Braids

Stitch braids add the magic touch to cornrows.

boho stitch lemonade Fulani braids

30) Peekaboo Lemonade Fulani Braids

This is your sign to give the peekaboo braids trend a try.

Blonde peekaboo lemonade Fulani braids

31) Boho Lemonade Fulani Braids

If you don’t like the dramatic baby hair look, leaving out just a bit of hair works as well.

boho lemonade Fulani braids

32) Blonde Peekaboo Lemonade Fulani Braids

A blonde peekaboo touch, laid edges and curled ends. An unbeatable trio.

blonde peekaboo lemonade Fulani braids

33) Burgundy Lemonade Fulani Braids

Is there any hairstyle that doesn’t look good in burgundy? LOVE!

Burgundy boho lemonade Fulani braids

34) Boho Lemonade Fulani Twists

Add freestyle as an add on when booking this style on your stylists’s site to get the curved cornrows at the front.

boho lemonade Fulani twists

35) Boho Lemonade Fulani Twists

The boho braids trend can be incorporated to virtually any style.

boho lemonade Fulani twists

36) Chocolate Brown Lemonade Fulani Braids

Chocolate brown hair is always a hit.

Chocolate brown lemonade Fulani braids

37) Pink Peekaboo Lemonade Fulani Braids

Curly ends take any style from boring to playfully cute.

pink peekaboo lemonade braids with curly ends

38) Blonde Peekaboo Lemonade Fulani Braids

The blonde peekaboo lemonade braids section creates a beautiful contrast to the ginger knotless braids at the back.

blonde peekaboo lemonade braids

39) Boho Lemonade Fulani Twists With Curly Ends

The boho touch, mid back length and curly ends add the perfect touch to an already perfect hairstyle.

short boho lemonade Fulani twists with curly ends

40) Lemonade Fulani Twists

If you prefer twists to braids, opt for a “twisted” back section in favour of knotless braids.

Lemonade Fulani twists