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50 Boho Bob Knotless Braids Hairstyles Perfect For Summer

Boho bob knotless braids are the short version of regular boho braids that are characterized by curly hair bits added at the beginning or along the length of the braids.

In this post, we’ll let you in on everything you need to know about this summer-ready TikTok-approved hairstyle.

Read on for the full scoop–from the products you’ll need to the different styles you can rock with the ever-so-tasteful boho bob knotless braids.

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Hair and Products Needed for Boho Bob Knotless Braids

  • A pair of scissors.

Best Human Hair to Use for Boho Bob Knotless Braids 

How to Do Boho Bob Knotless Braids

You can either do boho bob braids on the traditional box braids (these have a knot) or the more popular knotless braids

For this tutorial, we’ll use the knotless braiding method.

Start by parting clean, straightened, product-free hair into three big sections. Ideally, you should have two equal sections at the front and one big section at the back.

Using a rat tail comb, carve out five rows in each of the front sections and seven rows in the back section. 

PS: Make sure the rows in the front line up with the rows in the back above the ears. This way, you won’t have a hectic time when braiding.

Apply a generous amount of shine n jam on the horizontal lines. Not only does it help with sleeking down the roots of your hair, but also getting a proper hold.

Next, pre-part the sections in each row before you start braiding to achieve a brick layered pattern. This gives your braids a neat and organized final appearance.

To do this, you’ll want to make sure that your vertical parts fall in the middle of the section below it so that your braids fall between each other. 

It’s now time to do the bohemian bob braids using the knotless technique.

Start by dividing each individual section into three parts. Braid that section about a quarter an inch and then gradually start feeding in the pre-stretched braiding hair. Three pieces should be enough.

Proceed to feed in your water wave or deep twist hair once you have a decent length braid formed. Separate the longer end and braid the shorter blunt end of the human hair.

You’ll want to add three to four pieces of human hair to each braid. One at the base, two in the middle, and one at the end.

PS: When you’re adding a piece of human hair at the base, you want to make sure that you add the shorter blunt end facing upwards so that the longer curlier end falls flat and forward.

Before you reach the length where you want your braid to stop, add another piece of human hair. Braid that one all the way down without separating the longer end.

You’ll then use a small piece of the braiding hair to make a knot at the length where you want your braid to stop. Finish by sealing the knot using some heat to prevent it from unraveling.

To achieve uniformly curly ends, cut off that extra braiding hair at the end of the braid. From there, cut off those blunt pieces of human hair that are sticking out of the braid.

Do this repeatedly until you’re done.

At this point, your braids are ready to be cut into a bob. But before that, you’ll want to spray the ends with water to help detangle the hair.

Use your fingers to feel all the knots to make sure the cut is made below them. If you cut above any of the knots, then the braid will inevitably unravel.

PS: Keep going in and cutting any extra long pieces to ensure the hair is on the same length all round. If you risk cutting your natural hair at the back by going shorter, then you can leave it a little long. The difference will be hardly noticeable.

The final step involves applying mousse all over the head and laying the edges.

For a comprehensive visual, check out the video below.

YouTube video

How to Do Boho Bob Knotless Braids (Using 100% Human Hair)

If you prefer to do boho bob knotless braids without synthetic hair, refer to the video below.

For this, you’ll need at least 3 packs of 100% curly human hair (20-inch). 

For the most part, the process is more or less the same. The only difference is how you feed in the human hair. Instead of picking up the hair at the center, you’ll want to add it in towards the top where the blunt ends are. You’ll need around three pieces to do the knotless braid part.

Pay close attention to how you’re adding in the pieces. Make sure your blunt ends are being added in the same direction. This way, you’ll have a good length of the human hair left to braid all the way down.

YouTube video

How to Do Boho Bob Knotless Braids Using the Crochet Method

Here, the box braids are done first. Once the braiding hair is intact, the curly hair pieces are then crocheted in until the entire braid length is done. 

If you are yet to perfect the feed-in method but still want to rock the boho bob knotless braids, then this technique is for you.

Refer to the video below for a comprehensive, no-frills guide.

YouTube video

Expert Boho Bob Knotless Braids Tips

  1. Depending on how long you or your client’s hair is, you’ll need to use 30 inch braids, braid it to the desired length up to four inches under where your hair ends, seal the ends then trim as desired.
  2. The secret to getting the perfect boho bob lies in the trimming process.
  3. To make your boho bob voluminous, add more curly hair pieces at the beginning and along the length of the braid.
  4. To get curly ends, seal the braids at the end, leave out about 2 to 3 inches of hair then use curling rods or a thread to curl the ends by dipping them in hot water.
  5. If you want curly human hair ends, braid in the curly human hair to your desired length, seal it then cut off the synthetic hair.
  6. Your desired bob length will be highly dependent on how long your hair is.
  7. If you have long hair but you still want to rock short boho braids, your hair will have to be folded inside the braid.

Boho Bob Braids Maintenance Tips

  1. Wear a silk bonnet or silk scarf to bed at night.
  2. Use a dry shampoo and cotton ball or cloth to clean your scalp if you don’t plan on washing your braids or an apple cider vinegar hair rinse to remove scalp buildup and dandruff.
  3. Apply mousse on your braids to tame flyaways and reduce tangling.
  4. If you used synthetic hair for the curls, use got2b glue to restore the curls.
  5. If you used 100% human hair, use water, a leave in conditioner spray and some curling butter to revive the curls every week.
  6. Finger comb daily.

50 Boho Bob Knotless Braids Hairstyles & Ideas

Time for some inspo! Keep scrolling for 50 bohemian bob knotless braids hairstyles that have all the qualities you’re looking for in a protective hairstyle (we especially love number 49).

1) Jet Black Boho Bob Knotless Braids

Here’s the perfect opportunity for your natural hair color and your braids to co-exist in perfect harmony. Throw in these stunning bohemian knotless braids in jet black into the equation to land a simple yet sensational look.

side part boho bob knotless braids

2) Small Boho Bob Knotless Braids

Something about the bohemian knotless style in these mini bobbed braids screams elegance. You may have to endure many braiding hours to endure this look, but the end result is absolutely worth it!

side part boho bob knotless braids

3) Beads Galore

A few colored beads are the perfect amount of 90’s nostalgia when you need to channel your inner baddie. Simply keep adding items if the look isn’t eye-catching enough.

brown boho bob braids with beads

4) Burgundy Boho Bob Knotless Braids

Burgundy braids, burgundy locks, burgundy anything on black women always takes the WIN!

Burgundy bob boho knotless braids

5) Messy Bun

The allure of boho bob knotless braids reaches new heights with the addition of a shaggy updo. We can’t help but fall in love with this zingy, classy hairstyle.

messy boho braids bun

6) Chin-Length Boho Bob Braids

Short and sweet. This hairstyle shows off your beautiful facial features and complexion in one clean take. Just perfect!

short bob boho knotless braids

7) Bob Bohemian Box Braids

Box braids and a one-length bob cut are really a match made in heaven. This is all the proof we need.

side part boho bob knotless braids

8) Boho Bob Braids Updo

We can’t get our eyes off of this updo with some curls and braids hanging loose. It frames the face beautifully and softens the bold high bun style.

boho bob braids updo

9) Blonde Boho Bob Knotless Braids

When you want colored whole-head braids that make a statement, this is the style to choose.

blonde boho bob knotless braids

10) Black and Light Brown Boho Bob Braids

We could write a thousand words about this gentle yet elegant color combination, but we’ll let the picture do the talking (get it?).

florissante boho knotless bob braids

11) Fluffy and Sweet

Who can say no to such a delectable mash up of colors from the same spectrum? Not us! We also love how fuzzy and textured those braids are–they’re literally begging to be touched.

triangle part boho bob braids

12) Large Boho Bob Knotless Braids

These chunky bohemian knotless braids in bob style perfectly rend the “less is more” concept. WE CAN’T STOP GAZING!

Triangle part boho bob with curly ends

13) Bohemian Bob Braids In Side Part

Whoever said boho bob braids are boring clearly hadn’t seen this picture; the deep side part adds a whole new dimension to the style, all while opening up the forehead just enough for the neatly-laid baby hair to pop.

side part boho bob with human hair

14) Light Copper

Forget about natural hair color for a moment. Opt for the softest shade of copper if you want to bring out your personality without coming off too strong.

brown boho bob knotless braids

15) Up N’ Down Boho Bob Knotless Braids

Worried about quickly going out of style once you take the plunge? This timelessly classy ‘do says, I got you boo!

half up half down boho bob

16) Ginger Boho Bob Knotless Braids

It’s spicy, alright. This shade complements the model’s complexion to perfection.

ginger boho bob knotless braids

17) Side-Swept Braids

A shaggy top-knot and a few side swept braids is the dream combination we never knew we needed. Talk about major sass!

boho bob bun with a fringe

18) Bright Copper Bob Boho Braids

A radiant, glowy pop of color never hurt anyone, right?

ginger boho bob knotless braids

19) Bohemian Goddess Knotless Braids In Bob Length

You’re looking at the most versatile braided hairstyle this side of the hemisphere. Style it up, style it down, style it however; the outcome is the same: a bonafide head-turner that flatters (nearly) every face shape and skin tone.

side part boho bob knotless braids

20) Ash Brown Boho Bob

The ash brown pieces in this 1b/30 look create ultralight streaks that provide depth and dimension to the overall look while preserving the dark hair color. Simply stunning!

ash brown boho bob with human hair

21) Space Buns

Embrace the length and volume of your strands while keeping hair out of your face with these knotless boho bob braids. Space buns are especially ideal for informal occasions.

space buns boho bob braids

22) Blue and Purple Bobbed Boho Braids

We simply can’t get enough of this color combination.

blue and purple boho bob

23) Light Brown to Dark Brown Bohemian Bob Braids

Look at how well these brown braids complement her skin tone. We dig!

brown boho bob knotless braids with human hair

24) Symmetrical Boho Bob Knotless Braids

Featuring a middle part and a pair of perfectly-positioned space buns, this hairstyle will accentuate your features like nobody’s business. The beautiful curls add more finesse and zazz to the style.

boho bob knotless braids in space buns

25) Boho Bob Knotless Braids With Human Hair

Want to keep your boho braids flowy and voluminous even at bob length? This boho braids-human hair extension combo promises to deliver just that.

bob boho knotless braids with human hair

26) Brown Boho Bob Knotless Braids

Featuring two shades of brown namely color number 2 & 30, this bob boho braids hairstyle provides the perfect avenue to showcase your eccentric personality. It’s as runway-ready as it gets.

brown blend boho bob knotless braids with human hair

27) Long Boho Bob Braids With a Top Knot

Not quite ready to fully commit to boho braids? This shoulder-length bob allows you to enjoy the perks of goddess braids while retaining the lengthy allure of your natural hair.

top knot boho bob knotless braids with bangs

28) Reverse Ombre Bob Knotless Braids

Flip the world of ombre on its head by opting for this gossip-worthy style. The perfect color gradation is when lighter roots contrast with darker ends.

Caramel rown boho knotless braids

29) Mid-Length Boho Bob Knotless Braids

Can we agree that you’ll try a perfectly cut bob like this one at least once and tag us in your pictures when you do?

Voluminous boho bob knotless braids

30) Extra Volume Boho Bob Braids

When a generous amount of pieces are fed into the braid length, the outcome is full, tight-knit strands that give off a super voluminous, effortlessly chic look. Bring our cameras, please.

extra volume boho bob knotless braids

31) Red Boho Bob Knotless Braids

As classy as red wine but as wild as a fox, this shade fits every skin tone perfectly.

red boho bob knotless braids

32) Honey Brown Bob Boho Braids

This blend of color 27 and 30 in this bob knotless braids look is to die for! Stand out from the crowd with these delicious honey brown braids.

honey brown bob boho knotless braids with curly ends

33) Medium Bob Boho Knotless Braids

If you want something that sits delicately—and sweetly–between small and large goddess bob braids, then this style is for you. Own it, queen!

medium bob boho knotless braids

34) Neck-Length Boho Bob Braids With Claw Clip

Sometimes, all it takes to elevate your braided bob look from simple and bland to chic and sophisticated is a perfectly-positioned colorful scrunchie. 

boho knotless braids in a claw clip

35) Half Up Half Down Boho Bob

Two words: elegantly dramatic!


36) Space Buns Half Up Half Down

Space buns + two protruding braided pieces = a flirty, super playful look, perfect for a night out with the girls.

half up half down boho bob with space buns

37) Stunningly Laid Edges

Smooth, perfectly laid baby hair against the backdrop of perfectly braided boho bob is a work of art waiting to be shown off. Seize the moment, darling.

pearl the stylist boho bob

38) Asymmetrical Boho Bob Knotless Braids

LOOK AT THAT ANGLE! We’re all for anything that emphasizes our beautiful facial structure.

Inverted boho bob knotless braids

39) Bob Boho Braids for Oval Faces

Oval faces are–dare we say?–the perfect face shape. If you have one, go for a deep side part to avoid excessively elongating your face.

Side part boho bob knotless braids

40) Pushed-Back Goddess Bob Braids

This girl intentionally tucks the braids on one side behind the ear to let her forehead and complexion shine. Take a page from her book.


41) Simple and Sophisticated

When cut at chin-length and paired with butter-smooth edges, boho knotless braids in jet black look seriously cool and ready for the office. Say hello to your next ‘I mean business’ look.

side part super short boho bob

42) Half-Neat, Half-Rowdy

Let a few braids run wild just because.

two toned boho bob

43) Extremely Neat Braided Sections

This is what happens when you (really) take your time during parting and braiding. Free-flowing styling at its absolute best!

side part boho bob knotless braids

44) Eye-Grazing Boho Knotless Bob

Let a few strands delicately hover above your eyes for a super diva effect that’s sure to have your BFFs endlessly complimenting. The high bun adds to the jazzy vibe.

boho bob with top knot bun

45) Criss Cross Adornment

With such a bold, alluring X-pattern on your head, there’s no way your boho bob knotless braids won’t turn heads.

pearl the stylist boho bob knotless braids

46) Triangle Part Boho Bob Knotless Braids

The triangle part in this boho bob give that stand out feature box part braids lack.


47) Curly Orange Human Hair on Boho Bob Braids

If this hairstyle could talk, it would say something hot and attention-grabbing.

ginger boho bob knotless braids

48) Boho Braided Bob for Warm Undertones

Yet another brilliant example of just how versatile jet black boho knotless braids are.

side part boho bob knotless braids

49) Cross Over Boho Braids in Bob Style

Here’s yet another super fun way to wear boho bob braids with added flair. All it takes is a few carefully-selected strands running from one side to the next.

side part boho bob braids

50) Messy High Bun Boho Bob Braids

Step out of the box with this messy high bun style. It’s edgy, unique, and will lend a lot of character to your overall look. APPROVED! 

half up half down boho braids with messy bun

Not sold on boho bob knotless braids? Check out these boho braids hairstyles in different lengths and human hair curl patterns.