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50 Island Twists Hairstyles Perfect For Summer 2024

Island twists are the boho version of Senegalese twists which are done using pre-stretched braiding hair and your choice of curly hair (human hair or synthetic) to form gorgeous two strand boho twists.

Island twists are also called bohemian twists or boho twists.

The respective hashtags racking up tens of millions of views on TikTok in recent months is proof that this hairstyle will be a big summer hairstyle contender.

This gorgeous hairstyle is incredibly low-maintenance and can be worn up to 6 weeks with proper maintenance.

In this post, we’ll cover the different products and hair you need to pull off this look as well as how to do different island twists hairstyles for black women.

We’ll also give you a front-row seat to some of the sauciest ideas for this style so you can choose one that satisfies your taste and preferences to a tee.

Shall we, ladies?

Hair and Products You’ll Need for Island Twists

How to Do Island Twists (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Start on a clean, stretched and product free head of hair.

Use a rat tail comb to section off your hair into small manageable sections.

Opt for bigger sections if you want the final look to be chunky. Small sections will result in more intricate twists that boast major volume and body.

Work from the bottom heading upwards. Go in with a generous amount of shine n jam at the roots of your parted section to tame flyaways.

If you’re using the braid into a twist method, start by doing regular knotless braids while applying some more shine n jam whenever necessary to enhance grip. 

Once you’ve braided a couple of times, add in the curly pieces.

Take one piece of the extension and fold it in half. Place the folded end of the piece against your natural hair, ideally between your index finger and thumb.

Continue braiding as normal, leaving the curly bit out.

You’ll want to make sure you’re adding in a good length so that the curly piece doesn’t slide out easily.

Once you have a good amount braided, split the hair into two sections. You’ll then start twisting them together.

PS: For these twists, you’ll want to twist each strand or section individually as you’re twisting them together. 

In other words, you’re not just doing a regular two-strand twist. Rather, you’re twisting each strand going to the left, but then as you’re twisting them together, they’re wrapping going to the right.

You can choose to go the opposite direction (clockwise) if you’re more comfortable doing that.

Either way, each strand needs to be twisted as well as wrapped.

To add in a curly piece when twisting, lay it flat up against both strands. Twist down one or two times, and then take the longer piece of the curly hair out of the twist. You’ll then keep twisting as normal.

Keep adding in human hair while twisting and wrapping all the way down.

PS: The amount of curly pieces you can put in the twist depends on how full you want your curls. Typically, most hairstylists use 4-5 curly pieces throughout the twist, including the one at the end.

Once you get to the very end, take a very small section of the human hair and wrap it around the braid several times to create a knot.

Alternatively, you can secure it with nail or super glue. This will keep the human hair intact and prevent it from unraveling.

Finish by cutting off any loose ends and applying mousse to set the twists.

For a detailed visual, refer to the video below.

YouTube video

DIY Island Twists (Adding Curly Pieces at the End)

If you want more curls at the end, try this technique.

The process is pretty much the same until you get to the end of the twist.

Instead of tying a knot or applying glue, add in a curly piece just the same way you would when twisting. Only this time, you’ll not leave out the longer bit. Twist it all the way down until all the hair is gone.

Refer to the video below for a comprehensive, step-by-step guide.

YouTube video

How to Maintain Island Twists: Top Tips & Hacks

  • Be gentle when handling your boho twists, as over-manipulating the hair can cause tangles and breakage.
  • A gentle, sulfate-free shampoo is your best friend when washing your island twists. It’ll help moisturize the hair while keeping damage, debris, and dirt at bay.
  • You’ve probably heard this before but we’ll say it anyway: sleeping with a satin bonnet or satin pillowcase will help keep the twists tangle- and frizz-free. 

50 must Try Island Twists Hairstyles For Summer

Now that you have all the info you need, here’s 50 island twists hairstyles that are perfect for summer 2024.

1) Long Island Twists

Length always adds a beautiful touch to your hairstyle. And island twists aren’t an exception.

    side part boho island twists

    2) Chunky Coiled Boho Twists

    Want something to rock in the summer without spending all your time in the salon? Opt for this quick-fix jumbo style and look good wherever you go!

      jumbo island twists

      3) Fulani Island Twists

      Yes the gorgeous Fulani Braids can be incorporated into your island twists too.

      Fulani island twists

      4) Jet Black Island Twists

      Just how stunning is this shade of black? And can we talk about just how well it compliments her warm undertones; we can’t get enough!

        Medium boho island twists

        5) Ultra Long Island Twists

        The longer your boho twists, the more impressive the final result. If you are able to pull off very long hair, adding some intricate twists can be a beautiful expression of your culture and personal style.

          extra long boho island twists

          6) Cascading Black Boho Twists

          Look youthful and stunning with very long island twists that are styled with smoothness. If you struggle with natural hair that tends to be quite stubborn, this is a style that lasts for some time and it’s relatively easy to maintain.

            long island twists with curls, island twists with curly ends

            7) Red Island Twists

            Red on a black queen always looks delectable. This style is as eye-catching as it gets, so be prepared to be the center of attention.

              red boho island twists

              8) Side Swept Red Boho Twists

              Yes, it’s possible to show off your beautiful complexion and flowy, colored twists at the same time. Perfeeeect!

                small red boho island twists

                9) Side Part Boho Twists

                If you rock a swoop regularly, this look has your name written all over it. The side part frames the face beautifully and also slims round faces at the expense of asymmetry.

                  short side part island twists

                  10) Medium Length Island Twists

                  Want to get close to the bob style, but still need enough length to put twists up into a sassy updo? Let the length reach below your shoulders.

                    Medium length island twists

                    11) Medium Boho Twists Into a Huge Bun

                    For a look that’s all yes-I’m-going-somewhere, swirl twists into a super high bun.

                      Island twists updo

                      12) Two-Tone Island Twists

                      A laid-back color combo like this one is all your warm complexion has ever wanted. 

                        small mixed color boho island twists

                        13) Fun and Easy Updo

                        Too much sass for one style (but we’re not complaining). The loosely hanging frontal strands, the perfectly pulled medium bun, the subtle makeup and glasses…we’re bedazzled!

                          mixed color boho island twists

                          14) Medium Island Twists

                          We’re absolutely swooning over these fluffy, super curly black twists that flatter deep skin very well and add an elegant finish to your hair.

                            small boho island twists

                            15) Peekaboo Space Buns

                            A cute peekaboo look with boho twists truly is THE ONE! 

                              blonde and honey brown boho island twists

                              16) Blonde and Honey Brown Bohemian Twists

                              Who would dare say no to picture-perfect island twists like these ones, featuring some of the chicest hair colors ever invented? Certainly not us! Opt for a soft updo to bring out the diva in you.

                                two tone long boho island twists

                                17) Highlighted Blonde Bohemian Twists in Half-Up Pigtails

                                Hello, 90s! We’re happy to see you. Insert the name of your favorite childhood pop star here, and channel that diva as twist adorable half buns into spunky little cat’s ears. Can you tell we’re all about it? Yeah, we’re all about it.

                                  Fulani boho island twists

                                  18) Long Fulani Island Twists

                                  Fulani braids are a super cute way of rocking boho twists without them getting in your way. Have the cornrows in front and finish with long twisted strands for a head-turning look.

                                    long Fulani island twists

                                    19) Half Up Half Down Island Twists 

                                    Yet again, length takes the cake!

                                      half up half down brown island twists

                                      20) Long Sleek Island Twists With Minimal Curls

                                      When the curly pieces are few and far between, the outcome is a mature look that stands on business.

                                        boho Senegalese twists , brown boho Island twists

                                        21) Thick Island Twists

                                        Chunky twists are forever plumpy and juicy. Simply irresistible!

                                          medium long boho island twists

                                          22) Messy Half-Up Buns With Island Twists

                                          Never in the history of shaggy twists has a look been served this hot. WE ARE DROOLING!

                                            small boho island twists

                                            23) Flip Over Fulani Twists

                                            Locs with beads, bohemian twists with beads, anything with beads on black women takes the day. Simple. The incorporation of Flip Over Fulani Braids into twists is perfectly executed here.

                                              boho flip over Fulani island twists

                                              24) Silky, Velvety Boho Twists

                                              You can tell she chose the smoothest human hair texture the market could offer, and the results couldn’t be more telling. The beads are a styling masterstroke.

                                                long boho island twists with curly ends

                                                25) Long Boho Twists With Beads

                                                Can we agree that you’ll take a picture of your long, flowy, bouncy island twists with beads and tag us? No way we’re missing out on all that glam.

                                                  boho island twists with curly ends

                                                  26) Burgundy & Honey Blonde Island Twists

                                                  Can we all take a moment and appreciate just how good these two hues look together, especially with the wavy curls? Ethereal is the word.

                                                    long burgundy and honey blonde island twists

                                                    27) Island Twists in Black and Blonde

                                                    Add a couple of kinky curly 613 human hair on one side of your twisted hairstyle for a pop of color that simply won’t go unnoticed.

                                                      two tone island twists , split color island twists

                                                      28) Peekaboo Island Twists

                                                      Sure, peekaboo braids are all the rage right now, but we wouldn’t mind having these cute green peekaboo twists as our next style. They are as vivid as they’re pleasantly lavish.

                                                        Green peekaboo island twists

                                                        29) Burgundy Boho Twists

                                                        Although this set of island twists doesn’t feature sophisticated styling or designs, the style still draws applause for the warmth and energy it radiates–thanks to human hair color number 425.

                                                          Burgundy island twists

                                                          30) Voluminous Boho Twists

                                                          The body and fullness of these full-length twists are to die for!

                                                            side part boho island twists

                                                            31) High Half-Up Bun

                                                            WHAT A STUNNING UPDO! Individual strands should be left messy and unruly to keep the overall look playful and easy-going.

                                                              half up half down island twists

                                                              32) Island Twists Ponytail With Highlights

                                                              We’re not sure we’ve seen a more elegant boho twists hairstyle. The subtle highlights do a marvellous job of emphasizing the chunky texture of the twists–we’re in love!

                                                                mixed color island twists

                                                                33) Low Bun Boho Twists

                                                                Even the simplest styling trick can be very elegant, as this image proves. Leave a few strands hanging out in the front for a relaxed, whimsical appearance.

                                                                  short boho island twists with curly ends

                                                                  34) Burgundy and Blonde Duo

                                                                  While burgundy is a cheerful shade in its own right, it never hurts to bring in extra playfulness with some 613 human hair pieces.

                                                                    Burgundy boho island twists

                                                                    35) Pops of Color

                                                                    Flaunt the texture of your island twists by highlighting a few select strands. You’ll land a tastefully well-balanced look that won’t overwhelm your complexion.

                                                                      medium island twists

                                                                      36) Edgy Pigtails on Fulani Island Twists

                                                                      Quite a stunning combo, is it not? Easy to achieve, this 90s-inspired style will look fabulous with sun dresses or tank tops and jeans.

                                                                        boho Fulani tribal twists

                                                                        37) Golden Brown and Blonde Combo

                                                                        It’s sizzling hot, alright. Add in some fun, strategically placed highlights to lighten up the “heaviness” common with twists and braids.

                                                                          golden brown and blonde island twists

                                                                          38) Pink Peekaboo Island Twists

                                                                          This girl adds a spritz of color to her ultra long island twists with vibrant purple. Now that’s one way to grab unending attention wherever you go!

                                                                            pink peekaboo island twists

                                                                            39) Playful Pigtails With Mesmeric Color

                                                                            Who knew island twists could be made into something that creative and enticing?

                                                                              pig tails island twists

                                                                              40) Black and Lilac Boho Twists

                                                                              The soft purple strands peeking from underneath the chunky twists make this ponytail hairstyle truly unique. They break up the monotony of the twists while complementing her complexion in a picture-perfect way. Call it peekaboo effect at its very best!

                                                                                long boho twists, Long Island twists

                                                                                41) Boho Twists for Round Faces

                                                                                A ponytail or two here, some perfectly laid baby hair there…nothing a girl with a round face can’t handle (and appreciate!). The slimming effect of this twist hairstyle is second to none.

                                                                                  long pink peekaboo boho island twists

                                                                                  42) Wild Pigtails With Extra Long Boho Twists

                                                                                  So many interesting details in a single ‘do. We can’t stop swooning.

                                                                                    long boho island twists with pink peekaboo

                                                                                    43) Blonde Fulani Island Twists

                                                                                    The smooth transition between styles, the cascading twists, the perfectly laid edges—everything about this black hairstyle is instagram-worthy.

                                                                                    blonde Fulani island twists

                                                                                    44) Deep Side Part Boho Twists

                                                                                    One more way to frame your gorgeous face and hide your (big) forehead without committing to bangs. Isn’t this fluffy island twists style stunning?

                                                                                      long boho island twists

                                                                                      45) Chunky Highlights

                                                                                      If our next island twist hairstyle doesn’t look this romantic and extravagant, we don’t want it. Period.

                                                                                        Peekaboo boho twists

                                                                                        46) Peekaboo Boho Twists

                                                                                        If our next island twist hairstyle doesn’t look this romantic and extravagant, we don’t want it. Period.

                                                                                          Peekaboo boho island twists, boho twists

                                                                                          47) Dark Chocolate Brown Island Twists

                                                                                          Feel a little bit extra without going the extra mile with this mild (read: sweet) hue. Opting for white jewellery pieces is a no-brainer.

                                                                                            brown boho island twists

                                                                                            48) Peekaboo Boho Fulani Island Twists

                                                                                            To really elevate the texture and allure of your long chunky boho twists, let the blonde strands start from where the cornrow design ends. Simply stunning!

                                                                                              Peekaboo Fulani island twists

                                                                                              49) Perfectly Wrapped Island Twists in Maroon

                                                                                              Colorful twist hairstyles aren’t relegated to be worn solely to music festivals. Oh no. Pick your favorite color and parade it proudly on the streets like the queen that you are!

                                                                                                red island twists

                                                                                                50) Classic Island Twists

                                                                                                Nothing to see here, just a properly eye-catching island twist style that utilizes the knotless braiding technique to perfection. LOOK AT THAT SHEEN!

                                                                                                  boho island twists

                                                                                                  Which one of these island twists hairstyles will you be trying this summer?