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Bohemian Distressed Locs: How to, type of hair used & maintenance

The evolution of braids is one that has seen a crop of braided hairstyles that are a result of pure genius techniques.

From being used by our ancestors to weave escape maps during slavery, to evolving into shapes that are a work of divine symmetry.

Right down to creating new hairstyles such as passion twists as a whole, the creativity that Black stylists are always exhibiting cannot be overstated.

In today’s article, we’ll take a look at the new loc faux locs texture in town, bohemian distressed locs aka love locs/fairie locs.

We’ll cover details such as how to achieve the distressed bohemian locs look, type of hair used and maintenance.

In simpler terms, distressed bohemian locs are the slightly tame/less messy version of butterfly locs.

Before we get into the tutorials, let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

What are bohemian distressed locs?

Bohemian distressed locs/messy locs are the lovechild of faux locs wrapped with a mix of different textured braiding hair to give it a distressed look.

How long do bohemian distressed locs last?

Bohemian distressed locs can last for up to 3 months if you take care of them well.

How much do bohemian distressed locs cost?

If you’re getting your hair done by a professional stylist, bohemian distressed locs can cost you up to $400 for a waist length look. If you DIY them, you’ll only need $80 to $100 for the complete look.

What kind of hair do you use for messy locs?

Depending on your desired length and exact look, a mixture of bobbi nu locs wrapped with water wave hair, marley hair or spring twists is used.

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How do you do distressed faux locs?

Start by sectioning stretched or blow dried hair into parts of your desired size.

Use shine n jam to sleek the roots and make your parts look neat.

Braid the sectioned hair individually and then loop in bobbi nu crotchet faux locs into the hair.

After looping the locs into your hair, take your spring twists hair, unravel it and then wrap it on the locs in opposite directions until all the hair is covered.

Use nail glue to secure the wrapped hair on your locs.

For a detailed visual, watch the video below.

YouTube video

Method 2

In this method, the locs are extended and have curly ends.

Just like in method one, section and braid your hair into individual parts.

Take your crotchet latch hook and loop in the free tress natural wavy twists hair.

Ensure that both sides are even and then take the free tress deep twist hair and loop it in at the bottom of the free tress natural wavy twist hair on both sides.

After you’re done with that, take the free tress bohemian braid, unravel it and wrap it around your locs until all the hair is covered.

Use nail glue to secure the wrapped hair and the locs. Find a detailed visual in the video below.

Regardless of the method you choose, Marley hair, Freetress bohemian braids or Freetress water wave hair can be used to wrap the locs.

Distressed locs pros

  1. Faux locs of any kind are a low manipulation hairstyle and they promote hair growth since they allow your hair to remain undisturbed.
  2. Distressed locs as the name suggests have a messy like appearance. The longer you keep them in, the better they’ll look.

3. You get to rock an imitated version of dreadlocks minus the commitment and permanent nature.

4. Distressed locs are low maintenance.

Bohemian distressed/messy locs maintenance

For maintenance:

  1. Wrap your hair in a silk bonnet or scarf at night.
  2. Clean your scalp using a dry shampoo and a cotton ball or piece of cloth.
  3. Use an anti itch scalp oil.

20 Bohemian distressed/messy locs hairstyles

1) Bob bohemian distressed locs

bob bohemian messy distressed locs

2) Long distressed bohemian locs

bohemian messy distressed goddess locs

3) Bob distressed locs

 bob boho messy distressed locs

4) Distressed locs updo

half shaved messy boho distressed locs

5) Extended locs

greenish blue boho messy locs

6) Long boho distressed locs

messy long boho locs

7) Bob messy locs

bob boho messy distressed locs

8) Bob boho messy locs

bob boho messy distressed locs

9) Messy faux boho locs

messy bohemian distressed locs

10) Long messy locs

medium bohemian distressed locs

11) Long messy faux locs

boho messy distressed locs

12) Half up half down distressed locs

half up half down bohemian messy locs

13) Brown distressed locs

brown boho distressed messy locs

14) Shoulder length messy locs

short bohemian distressed messy locs

15) Bob messy locs

bob boho messy locs

16) Brown distressed locs

brown bohemian distressed mesyy locs

17) Long messy bohemian locs

long boho messy locs

18) Extra long boho locs

long bohemian distressed locs

19) Extra long boho distressed locs

long boho distressed locs

20) Long boho messy locs

distressed boho messy faux locs

Cornrows into bohemian distressed locs

Cornrows  into bohemian distressed locs

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