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80 Butterfly Locs Hairstyles Perfect for 2024

Butterfly locs are simply another variant of faux locs that are braided using wavy hair.

In this article, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about butterfly locs. We’ll cover things such as how to butterfly locs, type of hair used for butterfly locs, how long they last, how long butterfly locs take, how to seal butterfly locs, how to refresh butterfly locs and 80 butterfly locs hairstyles.

There are 6 different types of faux locs namely;

i) Distressed locs.

ii) Goddess locs.

iii) Faux locs.

iv) Bohemian locs.

v) Soft locs.

And Butterfly locs.

In all these hairstyles, the main distinguishing factor is in the braiding technique and the different mixtures of hair used.

PS: Butterfly locs and Bohemian distressed locs are two different hairstyles.

What are butterfly locs?

Butterfly locs are a variant of faux locs achieved using the crotchet method where wavy hair is looped into a braid using a crotchet needle and then loosely wrapped to give it a distressed/unraveled look.

What type of hair is used for butterfly locs?

Any type of wavy hair such as freetress water wave braiding hair can be used for butterfly locs. Depending on your desired length and volume, you’ll need 7 to 8 packs.

How long do butterfly locs last?

Butterfly locs can last for 2 to 3 months or more with proper maintenance in place.

How much do butterfly locs cost?

Butterfly locs range from $180 to $300 if you want an extended length. If you decide to DIY them, $100 will be enough for the complete look.

How long do butterfly locs take?

Short to mid back butterfly locs take 3 to 5 hours and extra long butterfly locs can take up to 7 hours.

Do butterfly locs hurt?

Butterfly locs don’t hurt since they’re done using the crotchet method which is tensionless.

How do you do butterfly locs on short hair?

When doing butterfly locs on short hair, rubber bands are used to secure the hair at the base. This enables the stylist to loop the braiding hair in using a crotchet needle.

Are butterfly locs a protective style?

Butterfly locs are a protective style because only the roots are used for the style and the rest of your hair is left undisturbed and protected inside the locs.

Do butterfly locs tangle?

No. Despite the hair that’s left out while creating the distressed look, butterfly locs do not tangle.

Do butterfly locs pull your hair out?

NO. Butterfly locs do not pull your hair out if you remove them properly.

Why are my butterfly locs so stiff?

This can be due to you not occasionally applying mousse on your locs.

Do butterfly locs grow your hair?

Butterfly locs are a protective hairstyle and just like with any protective hairstyle that leaves the hair undisturbed, your natural hair is bound to grow.

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How do you do butterfly locs?

This section will cover how to DIY butterfly locs, crotchet butterfly locs, how to do butterfly locs on your clients if you’re a stylist, how to seal butterfly locs, and how to refresh butterfly locs.

Ps- To buy the hair/products used, click on the links highlighted in yellow or find local alternatives.

DIY Butterfly locs

You’ll need a rat tail comb, edge control, shine n jam, a crotchet needle and 7 to 8 packs of the freetress water wave hair.

Use shine n jam to sleek down the roots of your hair and to get a proper hold.

Start by sectioning and braiding your hair into small to medium individual braids using only your natural hair.

The results should look something like this. Alternatively, you can choose to not braid your hair completely.

Take your freetress water wave hair & run your fingers through it to unravel and fluff it.

Use a crotchet need to loop in the unraveled Freetress hair into your braid.

Pull the freetress hair into the looped part and ensure that both sides are even.

Start wrapping one side of the freetress water wave hair on the other side.

Ensure that once you wrap the base you loosen your hold and start wrapping it lightly occasionally using the thumb method as you move along to give it the distressed look.

Repeat the same method all over your head until you’re satisfied with the length and look of your butterfly locs.

For a detailed visual, refer to the videos below.

YouTube video

YouTube video

Crotchet butterfly locs

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of doing your butterfly locs from scratch, opt for ready made butterfly locs like the Toyotress butterfly locs which you’ll just install to your braided sections.

More often than not, crotchet butterfly locs tend to have an unnatural look to them especially if they’re not installed properly.

A good workaround for this is doing individual parts at the front and all back cornrows at the back.

This also allows you to style them in a lot of different hairstyles.


For a detailed visual, refer to the video below.

YouTube video

How can I do butterfly locs on my clients?

If you’re a stylist who wants to learn how to do butterfly locs on their clients, refer to the video below which walks you through 3 easy how to butterfly locs methods.

YouTube video

Criss cross butterfly locs

The criss cross braided hairstyles trend can be incorporated into many hairstyles including butterfly locs.

To do criss cross butterfly locs, start by sectioning off a 1/4 of the hair at the front.

Depending on how many sections you’d like to have, part the hair accordingly and apply shine n jam.

If for example you want to have 6 criss cross sections at the front, you’ll divide the sections into two parts.

The last step of the parting process is where you’ll do the individual rubber band sections.

Note– In all three parts of the parting process, shine n jam is used to ensure there are no flyaways and you get a good grip of all the hair at the roots.

After you’ve done your individual sections, you’ll use rubber bands to secure the hair at the roots of the first two individual sections.

You’ll then cross over the first two on the opposite sides as you add rubber bands on those sections too.

Note– Make sure you dip the rubber bands in oil before using them to prevent hair breakage.

After you’re done with your criss cross sections, transition both sides into a braid, and crochet the water wave hair in and form your loc by wrapping one side on the other as you would with regular butterfly locs.

The end result should look like this.

criss cross butterfly locs

As always for a detailed visual, refer to the video linked below.

YouTube video

How to seal butterfly locs

To seal the ends of your butterfly locs, you can use two methods.

In the first method, after getting to your desired length, use some of the hair to tie the loc in a knot and keep wrapping the hair that’s left back up on the loc until you have no more hair to work with.

In the second method, after getting to your desired length, use nail glue or the got2b freeze spray on the ends and then wrap the hair that’s left around the glued ends.

Regardless of the method you’ll choose, make sure you are thorough. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars getting your hair done just to have them unravel a week later.

How to refresh butterfly locs

If you’ve had your butterfly locs in for 2 to 3 months or less, giving them a refresh will make them look new again and buy you 1 to 2 more months before you have to take them out.

To refresh your butterfly locs, start by washing your hair. As we always say, you natural hair care shouldn’t stop when you get a protective style.

After washing, conditioning, drying your locs and oiling your scalp, it’s time to start the refresh process.

Take your shine n jam and apply it on your roots where the new growth is. Use a comb to lightly pull away any fly aways and secure all the coated new growth on the roots.

Use the same hair you had initially used on your locs and wrap it 3 to 4 times on the roots after which you’ll loosen your grip and start wrapping it lightly over the locs.

Repeat the same method all over your head and style your butterfly locs as desired.

For a detailed visual, refer to the video below.

YouTube video

Butterfly locs maintenance tips

Butterfly locs already have a distressed look hence they don’t require a lot of maintenance other than the usual.

  1. Wrap your hair in a silk scarf or bonnet at night to keep it from tangling.
  2. Use an anti itch oil if your scalp gets itchy after some time.
  3. If you don’t want to wash your hair, you can use a dry shampoo to clean your scalp from time to time or an apple cider vinegar hair rinse.
  4. Use a braids spray and preferred oil of your choice or mousse to keep them looking vibrant.

80 butterfly locs hairstyles

Thinking of getting butterfly locs? We put together 80 butterfly locs hairstyles for you to choose from. From long butterfly locs to short butterfly locs and mixed color butterfly locs. There’s something for everyone to carry with them to their next hair appointment.

1) Ginger butterfly locs

Throw your ginger butterfly locs in a space bun and leave 2 locs out at the front.

Ginger colored short butterfly locs

2) Bob butterfly locs

Skilfully laid baby hair and all black bob butterfly locs in a side swoop are a winner.

Black Bob butterfly locs

3) Blonde butterfly locs

Be it in braids or locs, hair color #613 is always a head turner. Just look at these blond butterfly locs.

Blonde butterfly locs

4) Black bob butterfly locs

You can’t ever go wrong with butterfly locs of any length.

black Bob butterfly locs

5) Black & red butterfly locs

Add a fiery red to your black butterfly locs for an extra pop.

Black and red butterfly locs

6) Blonde bob butterfly locs

Have we convinced you to try blonde butterfly locs yet? Yes? Get this hair color here.

Blonde bob butterfly locs

7) Black & blue butterfly locs

Add a little bit of blue hair to your black butterfly locs if you’re feeling extra.

Black & blue butterfly locs

8) Maroon butterfly locs

If colourful hairstyles are your go to, you’ll love these maroon butterfly locs.

Maroon butterfly locs

9) Maroon bob butterfly locs

Whether long or short, colourful butterfly locs are a bold option.

Maroon bob butterfly locs

10) Long butterfly locs

Waist length butterfly locs? Why not?


11) Mid length butterfly locs

Don’t want to commit to long or short butterfly locs? Medium length butterfly locs will be perfect for you.

Black butterfly locs

12) Long butterfly locs

All black long butterfly locs in a middle part with perfectly laid edges, what could possibly be better?


13) Bob butterfly locs

The butterfly in butterfly locs is there for a reason, don’t shy away from the “extraness” of the wrapping hair that’s left out in bits.


14) Colored butterfly locs

You already know we’re in love with bold color options.


15) Mid length butterfly locs

Tie your butterfly locs in a half up half down hairstyles for the perfect casual look.

Black butterfly locs

16) Dark brown butterfly locs

Look at how well these brown butterfly locs compliment her eye color.

Brown butterfly locs

17) Grey butterfly locs

Don’t want to fully commit to a bold color choice? Dial it down a bit with black butterfly locs at the front.

Grey butterfly locs

18) Color 613 butterfly locs

We just simply can’t get enough of this hair color.


19) Butterfly locs with highlights

Everything just works so well together.

Bob butterfly locs

20) Distressed butterfly locs

The half up half down butterfly locs hairstyle with two locs left out at the front is a go to for many.

Black butterfly locs

21) Butterfly locs with red highlights

Highlights are a safe option if you’re not willing to go with a full head of a brightly coloured hairstyle.


22) Long mixed colors butterfly locs

Who knew these two colors could work so well together?

Long colored  butterfly locs with blue highlights

23) Mid length blonde butterfly locs

Can we agree that you’ll try color 613 butterfly locs at least once and tag us in your pictures when you do?

Blonde mid length butterfly locs

24) Burgundy butterfly locs

Burgundy braids, burgundy butterfly locs, burgundy anything on black women always takes the cake.

Burgundy butterfly locs

25) Colored butterfly locs

Try different color combinations on your butterfly locs if you’re not afraid of color.


26) 613 butterfly locs

Color 613 should be your pick if you want platinum blonde butterfly locs.

613 butterfly locs



28) Red and blonde peekaboo butterfly locs

Throw in one or two different colours for your peekaboo butterfly locs.

red and blonde peekaboo butterfly locs

29) Color 27 peekaboo butterfly locs

Reach for color 27 if you want this exact peekaboo look.

color 27 peekaboo butterfly locs

30) Color 30 and 27 butterfly locs

Color 30 and 27 make the perfect fall hair braiding hair mix for black girls.

color 27 and 30 butterfly locs

31) Fluffy butterfly locs

Fluffy butterfly locs makes them look fuller without having too many locs.

fluffy butterfly locs

32) Color 350 butterfly locs

Add a color 613 peekaboo to your color 350 butterfly locs.

color 350 butterfly locs

33) Half up half down butterfly locs

The key to a perfect half up half down style is doing a high ponytail.


34) Color 350 butterfly locs with 613 peekaboo

Throw your color 350 locs in an easy side part.

35) Ginger butterfly locs

Throw in a couple of black locs to break up your ginger locs.

ginger butterfly locs

36) Color 27 peekaboo butterfly locs

Add some color 27 locs to break up your color 613 butterfly locs.


37) Burgundy butterfly locs

Style your burgundy locs in a middle part.

cherry red butterfly locs

38) 613 butterfly locs updo

Throw your color 613 locs in a high ponytail half up half down up do.


39) Half up half down bug butterfly locs

High pony half up half down styles are a clear favourite for many.


40) Long 613 butterfly locs

Fluffy 613 locs work well in any length.


41) Large butterfly locs

Large parts make the locs look fuller seamlessly.


42) 613 butterfly locs

Add a cute heart part on your locs.


43) Side part butterfly locs

A side part is the perfect way to show off your peekaboo color.


44) Peekaboo side part butterfly locs

Have we convinced you to give the peekaboo trend a try yet.


45) High pony half up butterfly locs

The right placement for peekaboo colours is key.


46) Distressed butterfly locs

Extra distressed locs will standout every time.

47) Pink peekaboo butterfly locs

Not ready for a full head of pink locs? Give peekaboo styles a try.


48) Boho butterfly locs

Crotchet or braid a curly hair strand as you’re doing locs.


49) Side buns butterfly locs

Leaving two locs out at the front when you’re styling your locs gives you the perfect 2 in 1 look.


50) Ginger butterfly locs

A cute top bun is always effortless.


51) Color 350 butterfly locs

Copper locs of any kind take the cake.


52) Ginger butterfly locs

All shades of orange sit beautifully on black women.

cherry butterfly locs

53) Boho ginger butterfly locs

Anything boho will always be a yes for us.

ginger butterfly locs

54) Ginger butterfly locs

Put your ginger locs in a bun for a simple cute look.

ginger butterfly locs

55) Bob butterfly locs

Bob butterfly locs are very maintenance.


56) Honey blonde butterfly locs

Color 27 is your go to if you want honey blonde butterfly locs.

honey blonde/color 27 butterfly locs

57) Extra long butterfly locs

Long locs are a head turner.

extra long butterfly locs

58) Middle part butterfly locs

A middle part is a classic.


59) Extra long butterfly locs

If you love really long locs 45″ hair will give you this look.

extra long butterfly locs

60) Large part butterfly locs

If you don’t want too many locs in your hair, opt for large parts.


61) Side part butterfly locs

Freestyle parts elevate these shoulder length butterfly locs.

freestyle parts butterfly locs

62) Peekaboo waist length butterfly locs

A peekaboo look livens up black butterfly locs.


63) Side part buttefly locs

A side part is an easy and effortless out the door style.


64) Waist length butterfly

Waist length butterfly locs work well for anyone that doesn’t want long locs.


65) Fringe ginger peekaboo butterfly locs

Accessorise your fringe peekaboo bob butterfly locs with cowrie shells for an extra pop.

ginger peekaboo fringe butterfly locs

66) Boho bob butterfly locs

A boho addition done using curly hair elevates any look.

boho bob butterfly locs

67) Ginger peekaboo fringe butterfly locs

The fringe design on these bob butterfly locs with a ginger peekaboo is a guaranteed head turner.

ginger peekaboo fringe bob butterfly locs

68) Cherry red butterfly locs

Opt for cherry red if you don’t want a fiery red.

cherry red butterfly locs

69) Pink butterfly locs

Shoulder length pink butterfly locs are perfect for anyone that loves bold colours.

pink butterfly locs

70) High pony half up half down butterfly locs

Throw your butterfly locs in a high ponytail half up half down style.

high ponytail long half up half down butterfly locs

71) Side buns butterfly locs

Add some curly human hair where your locs start or the ends and some accessories to spruce up your butterfly locs.

long butterfly in two side buns

72) Pink peekaboo butterfly locs

Two side buns make the perfect style for long locs.

pink peekaboo butterfly locs

73) Half up half down long butterfly locs

Buy braiding hair that’s 30″ plus for long butterfly locs.

long butterfly locs

74) Long pink peekaboo butterfly locs

With anything peekaboo, the bolder the color the better.

pink peekaboo butterfly locs

75) Triangle part butterfly locs

Opt for triangle parts instead of the regular box parts for your butterfly locs.

triangle parts butterfly locs

76) Long chocolate brown butterfly locs

A side by side bun works perfectly with long butterfly locs.

long chocolate butterfly locs in two side buns

77) Long chocolate butterfly locs

Style your long butterfly locs in a cute half up half down look.

long chocolate brown butterfly locs

78) Chocolate brown butterfly locs

Go for color number 30 mixed with a bit of 27 for a beautiful mix for you butterfly locs.

chocolate brown butterfly locs

79) 99j butterfly locs

Opt for a the color 99j a subtle variant of burgundy and some red for an extra pop.

half up half down 99j butterfly locs

80) Blonde peekaboo butterfly locs

Half up half down blonde peekaboo butterfly locs.

blonde peekaboo bob butterfly locs

Check out more butterfly locs hairstyles on our Pinterest page.

Time to take your butterfly locs out? Check out 3 Easy Methods you can use to Remove/Take Down Butterfly Locs without cutting your hair or losing your edges.


Saturday 10th of October 2020

How much is the packs of hair and is there only one type of hair needed ?

kimberly dixon

Wednesday 6th of January 2021

@Editorial Team, were are you located?

Editorial Team

Monday 12th of October 2020

You’ll need 7 to 8 packs of freetress waterwave hair. The exact type is highlighted in yellow on the article.