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Butterfly locs: How to, price and 25 butterfly locs hairstyles

Butterfly locs: How to, price and 25 butterfly locs hairstyles

Butterfly locs are simply another variant of faux locs that are braided using wavy hair.

There are 6 different types of faux locs namely;

i) Distressed locs.

ii) Goddess locs.

iii) Faux locs.

iv) Bohemian locs.

v) Soft dread locs.

And Butterfly locs.

In all these hairstyles, the main distinguishing factor is in the braiding technique and the different mixtures of hair used.

In this article, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about butterfly locs.

We’ll cover things such as how to butterfly locs, type of hair used, how long they last, how long butterfly locs take, how to seal butterfly locs and 25 butterfly locs hairstyles.

What are butterfly locs?

Butterfly locs are a variant of faux locs achieved using the crotchet method where wavy hair is looped into a braid using a crotchet needle and then loosely wrapped to give it a distressed/unraveled look.

What type of hair is used for butterfly locs?

Any type of wavy hair such as freetress water wave braiding hair can be used for butterfly locs.

How long do butterfly locs last?

Butterfly locs can last for 2 to 3 months or more with proper maintenance in place.

How much do butterfly locs cost?

Butterfly locs range from $180 to $300 if you want an extended length. If you decide to DIY them, $100 will be enough for the complete look.

How long do butterfly locs take?

Short to mid back butterfly locs take 3 to 5 hours and extra long butterfly locs can take up to 7 hours.

Do butterfly locs hurt?

Butterfly locs don’t hurt since they’re done using the crotchet method which is tensionless.

How do you do butterfly locs on short hair?

When doing butterfly locs on short hair, rubber bands are used to secure the hair at the base. This enables the stylist to loop the braiding hair in using a crotchet needle.

How do you seal butterfly locs?

After wrapping the hair to your desired length start wrapping the hair back up until you have no braiding hair left. Alternatively, you can choose to tie the hair around securely and keep wrapping it.

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How do you do butterfly locs?

Butterfly locs are easy to do if you decide to go the DIY route.

Ps- To buy the hair/products used, click on the links highlighted in yellow or find local alternatives.

DIY Butterfly locs

You’ll need a rat tail comb, edge control, shine n jam, a crotchet needle and 7 to 8 packs of the freetress water wave hair.

Use shine n jam to sleek down the roots of your hair and to get a proper hold.

Start by sectioning and braiding your hair into small to medium braids using only your natural hair.

The results should look something like this. Alternatively, you can choose to not braid your hair completely.

Take your freetress water wave hair & run your fingers through it to unravel it.

Use your crotchet need to loop in the unraveled Freetress hair into your braid.

Pull the freetress hair into the looped part and ensure that both sides are even.

Start wrapping one side of the freetress water wave hair on the other side.

Ensure that once you wrap the base you loosen your hold and start wrapping it lightly as you move along to give it the butterfly effect locs look.

Repeat the same method all over your head until you’re satisfied with the length and look of your butterfly locs.

For a detailed visual, refer to the videos below.

How can I do butterfly locs on my clients?

If you’re a stylist who wants to learn how to do butterfly locs on their clients, refer to the video below which walks you through 3 easy how to butterfly locs methods.

Butterfly locs maintenance tips

Butterfly locs already have a distressed look hence they don’t require a lot of maintenance other than the usual.

  1. Wrap your hair in a silk scarf or bonnet at night to keep it from tangling.
  2. Use an anti itch spray if your scalp gets itchy after some time.
  3. Use a dry shampoo to clean your scalp from time to time.
  4. Use a braids spray and preferred oil of your choice or mousse to keep them looking vibrant.

25 butterfly locs hairstyles

Thinking of getting butterfly locs? We put together 25 butterfly locs hairstyles for you to choose from.

1) Ginger butterfly locs

Ginger colored short butterfly locs

2) Bob butterfly locs

Black Bob butterfly locs

3) Blonde butterfly locs

Blonde butterfly locs

4) Black bob butterfly locs

black Bob butterfly locs

5) Black & red butterfly locs

Black and red butterfly locs

6) Blonde bob butterfly locs

Blonde bob butterfly locs

7) Black & blue butterfly locs

Black & blue butterfly locs

8) Maroon butterfly locs

Maroon butterfly locs

9) Maroon bob butterfly locs

Maroon bob butterfly locs

10) Long butterfly locs


11) Mid length butterfly locs

Black butterfly locs

12) Long butterfly locs


13) Bob butterfly locs


14) Colored butterfly locs


15) Mid length butterfly locs

Black butterfly locs

16) Dark brown butterfly locs

Brown butterfly locs

17) Grey butterfly locs

Grey butterfly locs

18) Color 613 butterfly locs


19) Butterfly locs with highlights

Bob butterfly locs

20) Distressed butterfly locs

Black butterfly locs

21) Butterfly locs with red highlights


22) Long butterfly locs with highlights

Long colored  butterfly locs with blue highlights

23) Mid length blonde butterfly locs

Blonde mid length butterfly locs

24) Burgundy butterfly locs

Burgundy butterfly locs

25) Colored butterfly locs


Check out more butterfly locs hairstyles on our Pinterest page.

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Saturday 10th of October 2020

How much is the packs of hair and is there only one type of hair needed ?

kimberly dixon

Wednesday 6th of January 2021

@Editorial Team, were are you located?

Editorial Team

Monday 12th of October 2020

You’ll need 7 to 8 packs of freetress waterwave hair. The exact type is highlighted in yellow on the article.