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Tapered Haircuts & Fades for Women on Short Natural Hair

Best Tapered Haircuts and Fades for Women

Tapered and fade haircuts have been trendy and popular of late. In the past, tapered haircuts were associated with men but have over time gained more popularity with women. While a tapered haircut and a fade may look the same, they have their distinct differences.

In this article we will feature tapered haircuts for women on short natural hair and long tapered haircuts, We will also cover tapered natural hairstyles with an undercut, tapered natural hairstyles and more.

Differences between Tapered haircuts and Fades

Tapered haircut

For a tapered haircut, the hair is usually longer at the top and shorter on the sides and back. The top is usually 2-4 inches longer than the rest of the hair. A tapered haircut has more hair on the sides with the perimeter remaining intact. The hair that’s left in the middle can either be curly, kinky or straightened depending on your preference and hair texture.

Different types of tapered haircuts for women

Fade haircuts & hairstyles for women

‘Fade’ haircuts are normally identified with no hair on the back and sides of the head with a little more hair on the top.  Most barbers completely bald around the sides and back of the head and taper the cut. This gives it a faded look because the hair gets thicker as it gets to the top of the head. The major differentiator is that in a fade the hair is cut much shorter than in a tapered cut.

Fade haircuts can be plain, styled with different buzzed lines or dyed and put in waves.

Fade haircuts for women


dyed fade haircut black women


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How Do you Style a Tapered Cut

Tapered haircuts can be styled in many different ways such as:

  1. Buzzed Haircut with a half parting

The shorter the hair, the easier it is to handle and maintain. With this tapered cut, the hair is cut very short with a semicircle or straight part to give it an edgy and interesting look.

Short tapered natural hair


Tapered haircut for women on short hair


  1. Curly top with tapered side fades

If you have a large amount of hair and wish to give it a cool look, this is the style for you.  You can go for a variety of razor cuts to have a unique style and even change up the colors using temporary or permanent hair dye. Don’t shy away from bold color choices.

Tapered haircut on curly dyed natural hair


Tapered haircut for women on curly hair


  1. Waves with side designs

Waves are a classic, and timeless hairstyle. Opt for different designs and hair colors to enhance the look.

Make sure to keep the hair wrapped in a silk bonnet during the night. This helps preserve oil and retain water content giving the hair a moisturized and effortless look.

waves hairstyles for women


waves hairstyle for women


black woman rocking a colored wave haircut


  1. TWA for natural locks

A teeny weeny afro (TWA) is a much smaller version of an Afro. A shorter length is usually more manageable compared to a tapered natural afro. This is a simple style and requires very little maintenance.

TWA haircuts


  1. Twist out curls with an Undercut

Regular styling of textured hair or a natural mane can   be time-consuming. Twist outs are styles that take a very short time. Getting the perfect twist out involves twisting clean hair using shea butter, some coconut oil or a curling cream to help with defined curls. Adding an undercut to your tapered kinky hair gives it a great edgy look.

tapered haircut on a woman with an undercut and curly middle part



  1. Buzzed sides on dyed kinky hair

For kinky hair, maintenance can be a daunting task. The best way to take care of kinky hair is to limit too much heat exposure and keep it moisturized for easy styling. Choose a hair color of your choice to make it pop.

Tapered haircut for women on kinky hair


Kinky hair tapered haircut


When choosing the best haircut for you , make sure to consider the size of your head and the shape of your face as well. The maintenance of each style varies according to your hair texture. Identify the style that you want to achieve and rock your tapered haircut with confidence. Find more of these haircuts on our  Pinterest page.

Tapered haircuts FAQ

What is a tapered haircut?

A type of haircut where the hair is longer at the top but becomes shorter as you move down the back and sides of the head. The top is left 2-4 inches longer than the shorter side.

What is the difference between a taper and a fade?

The difference between a taper and a fade lies in the length of the hair at the top of the head. In a fade, the hair at the top is cut much shorter than in a tapered haircut.

How long does a tapered haircut last?

Depending on how much your sides have been buzzed, and how fast your natural hair tends to grow, a tapered cut mostly looks fresh for the first 3 weeks.

How do I maintain a tapered cut?

Shape up your sides when your hair starts to grow back and keep your hair moisturized.

If you’re wondering which one will fit you better between a tapered cut and a fade, factor in whether you prefer long hair or medium sized hair. Since the volume of hair left uncut in a tapered cut is usually larger, a tapered cut will be best if your prefer more hair. If you prefer having little to no hair, a fade will be perfect for you.


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